The Amazing Intel Chase – Yellow Team

I am hungry for action and I need speed!

Therefore, joining races is my thing!

I have joined a lot of races before. Won a few, lose a few but no matter what the outcome is, I just love the thrill of joining a race. I would do things I’d never thought I do like eat a pig’s brain. I also raced the circuit and went out of town in our own car.

This time, I was with techie geeky people, fellow bloggers, tech media people and computer shop retailers.

Thank you so much to Intel and to Strategic Edge for inviting me to be a part of this 🙂

We are team Yellow!


team yellow amazing intel chase hannah villasis
That’s me and my team left to right: Oliver, me and Albert

This race is all about speed and action. 3 cities, 5 teams, 3 members each – one goal – To win the Amazing Intel Chase!

We got eliminated first 😛 But no worries we definitely enjoyed the race and I got to spend the night at a luxurious hotel suite!

ascott hotel manila suite ascott hotel manila suite
Slept here alone since one of our team mates didn’t make it. She was replaced though 🙂
ascott hotel manila suite ascott hotel manila suite

hmm, if we stayed here longer, I would have been inspired to cook and do my own laundry!

I can’t afford booking a stay here myself so it was my first time to sleep in a suite 🙂 Too bad though I kept feeling aftershocks of the mini earthquake that happened on that day. I got scared so I stayed in Earth and Calvin’s room! We invited Rochelle and her teammate to join us in the suite too!

We didn’t stay long to chat because all of us are getting competitive and we wanted to rest before the race the next morning 😛

On the race day, everyone woke up early! Including me @_@

Check out this video to get to see how the race went!

Holler at my friends at Indio Productions specifically Harold Soon who were chasing us around with their cameras! Yes, they were the ones who were filming us while we were running. They also did April Boy and JC Regino’s new video where I was an extra 😛

We will be featuring Intel soon on Tek Tok TV. Do watch us every Wednesday at 11am on Destiny Cable’s GNN at channel 8!

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