The Big Why?

Happy 15th-year anniversary blog! I often wonder why I still keep this blog after all these years. Many of my friends stopped blogging, some even passed away and it is really heartbreaking. The era of blogging is kinda dead when micro b/vlogs like Instagram and TikTok were on the rise.

Why am I still writing?

It’s the same reason why I started in the first place: I do it for me.

It is a great outlet for me to share my creativity and induce positive influence on anyone who stumbles upon my blog. But mostly, I find it therapeutic to express myself in the art of writing, photos, and videos.

I tried to make a career out of it, albeit a successful one but hard to manage. It is a very dynamic career when you have good profitable days and worrisome months. This blog existed first before my Facebook profiles, Instagram, and Twitter. Many things have changed but this blog remains.

So, what have we been up to?

I am mostly living my second life. I am able to forgive other people, so why not look inward and work on forgiving myself for some horrible choices I made throughout these years? It’s not easy, but sometimes hitting a reset button is all you need.

I feel like everything is fresh and new and I appreciate the breeze of fresh air every time I do my hikes. Yes, it has been a new routine for me. I hike at least twice a week. I got back on my workout clothes and began training for aerial again. I’ve taken advantage of the summer season and spent multiple days on a beach, doing road trips, and this time being a passenger princess to boot. I am now looking forward to experiencing my first fall season. I’ve never experienced it my whole life and sometimes I think people take for granted how beautiful nature operates.

I love the freedom of being able to pursue my own passions again. I look at myself in the mirror and see a more accurate version of myself. Happier, less stressed, waking up daily with a purpose. I did write in my private journal about all the things I was going through and working on. It was worth one full year of write-ups lol. But that helped me process things.

I am grateful. For family and friends who are there for me through all seasons. I am grateful for this blog for where many things sprouted from. I am glad I still have this outlet when social media became too much.

Cheers to our big whys!

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