Tips for First Timers Attending Comic Convention

I just went to Vegas last April and I can’t wait to get back for more! This June, Vegas will have another Comic Convention and I am excited to see what they have to offer!


I have attended many comic conventions in the Philippines and I think attending one in the US will be a more exhilarating experience.


Are you excited for your first ever comic con experience? If so, there are particular tips to consider so you can enjoy your first time. Aside from wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, you also need to bring your comic con supplies. But there are more things to keep in mind before you attend such convention wherever that is. Today, we will help you prepare for the Las Vegas Comic Con which will be happening this coming June 23 to 25.

How Comic Con Conventions Work

If it’s your first time to attend a comic con, it’s basic to understand how things work here. For instance, rooms aren’t emptied until a panel is done. If you’re inside the room, you can stay there for the rest of the presentation. On the other hand, you can only enter a room depending on the availability of slots in that panel. So, if you really want to securely be part of a panel, you should be falling in line at an earlier time before that panel even starts.
Most attendees show up night before the convention.

That means if the panel will start on Friday, you have to be at the venue Thursday night to secure a spot. This is the norm when it comes to attending comic con conventions across the globe. It’s also important to consider the Wristband System while lining up for the event. Experienced comic con attendees don’t advise seat reservations for families or friends who are not sure to show up at the event. That would just be a waste of time and effort on your side.

Helpful Reminders for First-Time Attendees

Just like in any other events, you have to be at the gate before it opens. Being early pays off especially on events that you really want to be part of. And once you’re lined up for the comic con, avoid negative thoughts – that will only make you feel more tired getting in line. Instead, think of the rewarding experience you will get once you’re inside the convention hall watching your favorite comic con personalities.

One of the cringe-worthy parts of the event is having the chance to speak with your favorite star. Make the most of this opportunity and ask the most relevant question you can think of. But, perhaps, it’s also important to respect other fans who admire another celebrity in the event. Do not make any negative remarks about a personality that you are not quite a fan of. That will make the convention even more memorable and enjoyable.

Bring your own snacks and avoid spending too much on the event. Before you decide to buy a comic con item, ask yourself if you really need it. Remember, you have the whole day to tour around the convention hall and buying heavy things from stalls can be inconvenient. And most importantly, make sure your gadgets are fully charged. You wouldn’t want to miss a photo-op with your favorite star in front of you.

Now go buy your ticket for the upcoming Las Vegas Comic Con this June 23 to 25 to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Have fun and make friends with other comic con fans for a surely amazing first-time experience! Save more if you plan ahead!, check out these Las Vegas travel deals.


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