10 Funny Techie Things

I just made this list because I am Bored.

*I don’t own photos below and they belong to respective owners.  I just saw them randomly on the net.  I mostly found them on i-am-bored.com

10.  I hope I don’t see this error page on my browser!


9. This is real life… 😛



8. The irony of social networking… C’mon guys, I know you’re guilty too… I sometimes am… lol


7. Google India suggested search words are kinda pervvy lol



6.  Really? People get a life…


5.  Right, anyone want to date this guy?


4.  Nice try yellow pages :P  I was worried you were getting irrelevant… wait… 😛


3. Awww, C’MON guys… really??? Farmville all the way?


2.  Captchas can have a sense of humor lol…



1. Okay guys… this is serious… this is how you should ask me out!


awwww… I <3 Pokemon…

seriously guys, I have played every Pokemon game there is lol

till the next time boredom strikes,


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  1. I think I like your ‘bored’ mode (can also use ‘mood’) because you get to find these funny ideas and share with us. I also get some funny emails from my friends and they never fail to make me laugh or at least smile. Anticipating the next boredom attack. 🙂

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