World’s Shortest Man

… I still feel fine with my height of 4’11” (5’1” if I feel like it).

and the advantage is that I never have to worry about “low overhead signs…

except this one which gave me a really big bump in the head ~_~


and as for the World’s Shortest Man on the whole planet (at least in this universe)

World's Shortest Man Is Just 70cm Tall ...

He’s only 70cm Tall

and thanks to Google’s online calculator…



His name is Edward Nino Hernandez and he weighs only 10kg

He said he feels unique and he likes it…

the only time that bothers him is when people felt the need to touch him or pick him up

more about him here.

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  1. the only lesson i remember in our history class is that our ancestors, the itas’ height was 3’9 and 4’1 for female and male, respectively…see? we are blessed 🙂

  2. He reminds me of Mini-me.. the one in the Austin Powers movie.. :))
    I’m a shorty too.. I don’t mind at all. I’m quite okay with how tall I am. Hooraay!! for “short” people! =)

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