Boracay Birthday + Halloween




Greetings from Boracay!  I’ve been dying to have this vacation – to celebrate my birthday and Halloween 🙂

We had a difficult trip last night.

Our flight got delayed for 3 hours and we had our flight redirected to Kalibo airport due to sunset limitation.

On our 2 way ride from Kalibo airport to Jetty came a thunderstorm.  It was kinda scary.  We had to stop a few times because we passed by wires torn down in the middle of the street and tree branches falling.  There was a little bit of flood in some areas too.

Luckily, we arrived at Port Jetty safe.  But we got stranded there because the coastguard won’t allow boats to go with the unruly weather.  I just thought, I’d rather get stuck here than by the road @.@

The boats are supposed to travel only until 10pm.  But since there were still a few too many passangers, they allowed us to leave when the rain slowed down and the waves got easy.

Ah… And we arrived at our hotel – Ariel’s or Boracay beach club.  We greeted by a nice ambiance and we had a really nice room and comfy bed – I was happy that I can finally rest, except for my frowling tummy.

We ordered food for our room – their grilled lemon grass chicken was – THE BOMB!!!

After that we partied a little at Ariel’s restaurant.  Status magazine and Fiamma had a little party going there.  We played flip cups :). It was fun!  I’ve eaten at Ariel’s before but I didn’t know they transformed Ariel’s to a restaurant at night.

Despite my alcohol intolerance, I joined in the game coz it was fun.

By the way, the only cure (for now) to alcohol intolerance is to not drink at all.  My enzyme that should convert alcohol into something that the body could use for energy (vinegar) is deactivated and it is impossible for me to break down toxic alcohol to my body… That’s why I get flushed easy and my heart palpitates.

I did a research and scientists found a chemical to activate this enzym but they are still under research.

To lessen the effects of being buzzed, I had to go outside and eat chori burger! Nomnomnom 🙂 and lots of plenty of water of course and Wheatgrass to cleanse my blood of toxins.

And hello good morning!  Breakfast by the beach =)


Brought Berocca with me to get that energy and immune system boost. The last time I was here in Boracay I got super sick. I won’t let it happen this time… I don’t want to ruin my birthday / halloween vacation 😀

Read more about the benefits of Berocca here:

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