Guide to Watching F1 in Singapore: View From the Bay Grandstand Pictures

Guide to Watching F1 in Singapore: View From the Bay Grandstand Pictures

Read this important guide if you are considering buying tickets for the Bay Grandstand area of the Formula 1 (F1) Singapore Night Race…

This post is very important!

This post contains pictures of the Bay Grandstand.

This post also contains pictures from the Bay Grandstand.

It’s all pictures guys.

If you are wondering which is the best seat for you in the Bay Grandstand…

This will just give you an idea on which tickets to buy.

This will also help you decide if you’re buying that Bay Grandstand ticket.

I watched F1 on 2008 (first night race ever) in Singapore and I bought the walk-about tickets for only SGD 108 (ish).  It was okay, but I really did not get a good vantage point to take photos.

Comes 2009, I decided to watch F1 night race in Singapore again and this time, I want to take my new DSLR Nikon D40 with the new 70-300mm G Nikkor lens.

I thought I needed a vantage point and I did my research.

I found out that some photographers who also posted their photos online got good shots from the Bay Grandstand.  These dudes didn’t have a media pass!  But they still managed to take uber-nice photos!

I decided to purchase the Bay Grandstand tickets.  I got my tickets through the SPECIAL early bird promo (one of the privileged ones to buy the ticket).  I got a good front row seat at Row 6, Seat 26 on the yellow seat.

When I was finally there to witness… that seat wasn’t the best!  Instead, I found out that the dark green seats nearest that curve (rows 1 – 11) were the best seats.

I have attached photos of the entire bay Grandstand so that you can have a view on what it looks like when you’re on the bottom row or on the top-most row.

Also, I have attached photos I have captured from the dark green area (row 1).  Those pictures I took there were ‘grid-less’!

The photos with the grid/fence were taken from the light green seat where the cars decelerate for the sharp turn.

The yellow part in the middle is not a smart choice if you are a photographer.  The cars still are in accelerated mode and is still wooshing.  Therefore, hard to take photos even on panning mode.  And since it’s a night race, you’ll have light source issues.

More tips:

I will focus more on tips for photographers.  General tips like bring bottled water, bring earplugs, wear comfy clothes etc are common sense.  Besides, these guides will be written down with your ticket.

  1. The best time to take pictures is on Friday (practice day).  There are not much people yet.  Not much crowded.  You have plenty space to take photos.
  2. Make sure to take photos of the drivers on their parade.  This will be your only chance to see their faces.  This is on the race day before the race happens.
  3. Bring a DSLR.  In 2008 I bought only a super nice compact cam.  Still it won’t suffice.  You’ll need an SLR.
  4. Zoom Lens is a must!  (only up to 300mm are allowed – this may change so check ticket)
  5. Practice your panning. Before the F1 practice, qualifying and final race, there will be support races like the Aston Martin Cup, Porsche cup and F3 race.  This is the perfect time to practice.
  6. Take videos as well.

That’s all I can remember now 😛

If you have any questions, you may contact me here.

You can check out all my blog posts and pictures about the Formula 1 and links to everything about F1 here.

Now, here are the pictures.  Enjoy!

*click on the thumbnails to enlarge

Get the flash player here:

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Can’t view the photos? Click here.

Singapore Bay Grandstand

Grandstand Colour

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