Boudha Stupa Kathmandu Nepal

It took us about 10-15 mins from our Hotel Dwarika’s to Boudha Stupa despite the traffic.

If you are a Filipino, you’re already used to this traffic.  But You’d have to be careful and  look left and right.  They drive on the left side of the road.


Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu



You pay NPR 150 (Php 75)  upon entry.


It was very nice and relaxing inside.  You get to see different people of different nationalities, going around the Stupa Temple.  Some are meditating, some offer prayers and some chant a mantra.




When you look above the Boudha Stupa, it would look like a giant mandala or a diagram of the Buddhist cosmos.  You will see that everywhere.  Some shops offer Thaka workshops where they teach you how to draw this.  There are many symbols to this temple.  There are five Buddhas that personify earth, water, fire, air and ether (five elements) which is represented in the architecture.



Our guide Prakas from Himalayan Encounter also told us that there are 13 rings from the base to the top – a symbol of the path to enlightenment.  13 rings first before you reach “Nirvana.”




People usually come here every day after work.


Around the Stupa are shops.  you can buy souvenirs. 




There are also coffee shops and boutique restaurants by the rooftop where you can chill and have a nice top view of the Stupa with the rocky mountains in the background.


This is the prayer wheel.  You pray, in my case I made a wish and rotated three times around it.  You can buy a miniature version of this as a souvenir.


This is a very photogenic place.  It is very colorful and I’m sure tourists who love to take photos would be very happy.

We were happy we didn’t have to fuss around Kathmandu, thanks to the very friendly and helpful people of Himalayan Encounters.  Our trip was hassle-free indeed.  We didn’t have to worry about transportation or where to go, they took care of it.  Nepal is really a great country to visit.  However, it is not very convenient to commute around here.  Your best way around Kathmandu is to ride a Taxi Cab which is not expensive.  Your budget per trip just around the city would be around NYR 100-300 (Php 50-150).  Your option is to rent a car for the day which is around USD 40.  This would be best if you need to go to different places and you need to save time trying to figure out your way to each destination. 



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