Christina Aguilera National Anthem Super Bowl Video

Christina Aguilera won a lot of awards in the music industry and is really known for her powerful voice.  She is only human though and in the recent Super Bowl 2011, she scrambled the lyrics of the National Anthem of America.

For non-American citizens, you wouldn’t notice the faulty lyrics because her performance was really good.  But many noticed of course and bashed her.  I say she’s only human and singing in front of everyone in that big stadium would definitely put you into too much stress @_@

Anyway, here’s the video.

What do you think?

christina aguilera national anthem super bowl 2011

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  1. Oh no! This is like a nightmare for a multi-awarded singer like Christina. I guess this won’t affect much her career, tho. She must have wanted it to be perfect, but shit happens like we always know.

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