Crumpler House of Horror – Gadget Bag Backpack

There are a lot of fashionable bags in the market with great design and of different sizes and shapes.  But finding a stylish bag that’s comfortable to carry your brick-like laptop is quite difficult to find.
Most often than not, I get rashes from straps that aren’t designed to equalize the weight distribution properly, harming my skin, sometimes leaving a scar for a while.
For a person who also has scoliosis, doctors would normally suggest backpacks instead of totes or shoulderbags.  All these benefits and things I need for my back are in House of Horror.
Like most Crumpler bags, this bag is guaranteed for life.  That’s an investment you need to make to protect your gadgets especially my expensive MacBook and iPad.  You can’t match those gears with a cheap and gruntled design that’s easy to break!
The House of Horror has 5 pockets: Quick access front zippered pocket, concealed  top opening zippered stash pocket, zippered top opening main cargo space, interior padded sleeve with velcro closure for up to a 15-inch laptop and interior zipped side pocket.
Comfort is not an issue with the House of Horror.  It feels good on my back, despite the heavy load.  Manily because of the even weight distribution.  The pads are soft yet strong designed to hold the shape, while moulding naturally to the contours of your hand or shoulder.
The shoulder harness is also quick to adgust.  I didn’t struggle much from adjusting the straps and the buckles are just easy to adjust.
This bag is a bit pricey at P4950 SRP, but the one thing that makes House of Horror a good investment is the durable quality that’s guaranteed fo life (as I mentioned ealier).  Plus, the materials are made from water resistant structures, even the zippers as well!
SRP: P4950

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