Dunkirk on IMAX Review

I haven’t done movie reviews in a while. It’s mostly because I have tons to do and it is not my priority. But I miss freestyle blogging so much that tonight, I’m just itching to write!

I will try my best not to spoil the movie, but then again, there’s nothing to spoil really. This is history relived in the cinema. Actually – in one hell of a cinema, the IMAX!

If you want to watch it, I suggest you watch it at IMAX or anywhere with ATMOS. The sound quality will transport you back in time, taking you to the edge of your seat through the entire movie! There aren’t a lot of dialogues in this film, not even shaky chaotic action scenes (referring to Transformers films). All it has is good acting, supported by great cinematography and powerful scoring that will involve you in every scene.

Dunkirk then and nowSource: imgur.com/gallery/0pyva

I have been fascinated with World War I and II stories recently. This for a fact that I keep watching History Channel as my default and know now how the world changed because of this. Back in high school, I couldn’t care less. Maybe because I’m a visual person. Seeing the action through documentaries and movies like this, and playing Battlefield made WWI and WWII my favorite subject.

Let’s go back to the film. It is a must-watch, even if you are not a fan of war movies. The scenes, and the way they are filmed and directed will affect your deepest emotions one way or another. This also gives people, who have given up on humanity, a sense of hope. Watch and you’ll see.

*The traveler and the World War geek in me wants to explore Dunkirk now. Where to start? Check out this Dunkirk Battlefield guided tour.

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