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[ad] Hello everyone!

Many friends of mine have been so excited about me having my own domain name and they also have been asking me how to have one for themselves and how to maintain it.

Well personally, I bought my domain name from for $8/year, opted to avail of the free Google apps readily available in their site and tweaked my blogger settings to make use of domain.

But for those of you who do not want to spend a single cent for a domain name and host then here are 2 things you could do:

  1. Go to this website and yes I know what you’re thinking… another web site I have created — the “Candy Shop”. Well that site is under construction and I call that website “my lab” because I’m testing many web stuff thing-ies there. You want to know the best part about that Candy Shop? I created that all for free! Here’s how:a) Go to to get your own domain name for free and follow just follow their instructions! Although, all domain names end in “” but it’s free!

    b) Then, go to this site to open up your free webhost!

    This webhost has gnarly features for a free one already:

    – 350 MB of Disk Space
    – 100 GB Bandwidth
    – Your own domain hosting
    – cPanel Control panel
    – Website Builder (this one I used to create my template – very user friendly!)
    – Over 500 website templates ready for download
    – Free POP3 Email Box and Webmail access (so I had a [email protected] mail address!)
    – FTP and Web based File Manager
    – PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, Ruby.
    – No Ads at all !

    Check it out Here:

    And ahoy to the web IT people. I know you might laugh at me but go ahead, this was an honest mistake! I accidentally created a forum page cool!!! But to my friends who are not web-savvy like me… I think I might have just impressed you! twisted I know right, I have impressed myself also *sweats* (I wish I could have that emoticon here). I was doing who-knows-what, clicking here and there and… TA-DA!!! Accidentally-made forum!

    Now, I don’t know what to do with it… see how easy you could make stuff through this hosting site!

    For the not-so-web savvy like me here are its “auto-install” features… Just click… click… click… then Whoala! The following could be generated automatically for you:

    – WordPress
    – b2evolution
    – Joomla
    – Drupal
    – phpWebsite
    – phpBB
    – simplemachines (this one created my forum *sweats*)
    – Coppermine (this one can generate your gallery page *whee*)

  2. Now, another option is to go to and look for that thin banner above his page saying “Apply Domain and Hosting Sponsorship Program from Now!!!” Yes, my dear friends, Domain and Hosting Sponsorship program. I don’t know the main details but go to his site and find out.
  3. Another option is to check out managed web hosting solutions for a more streamlined management of your website or blog.  This is for the more advanced folks out there looking for a more stable but affordable managed web hosting.

I don’t want to endorse things I have not tried myself, or at least that of my trusted friends yet, so I am sharing this to you all with that in mind. because I want to share my gain and I’m just basically a kind girl.

That’s all for now, this is your blog ambassadress once again saying “Mabuhay!”


P.S. An update on this post. If indeed you tried this out and have a couple of problems about creating your FREE domain and hosting. Dont hesitate to Contact Me, I’d be glad to help :).

Update on Jan 14, 2009
I published this post on Aug 3.. and have been really observing how the hosting is.. and well I am super satisfied with 000webhost now and I believe I haven’t experienced any significant downtime or anything wierd while hosted there! =) So, I’m keeping it! Cheers!


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  1. Lalala… Willazz, whee! I am glad this works for you. So cmon already tell me about your new domain name 😛

  2. haha hi mynx 🙂 which one you don’t like? 😛 anyway no worries… it’s just free *whee* Cheers! Mynx, I will link u over the weekend can? So bz by weekdays

  3. hannah, these are interesting! i’ve got to check them! 😀 ang dami ko sobrang websites, hindi ko alam alin papadomian ko. haha! :p

  4. @Char oh haha deary, you could create sub-domains naman eh.. like and 🙂

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