MEGA Deals – Super Savings Contest!

Hey everyone!

The newest group buying website that gives you the first MEGA deal at 97% off is giving away some vouchers for my readers!

I am giving away:

  • 5 vouchers for KFC, and
  • 3 vouchers for XOXO and
  • 1 voucher for YSA

Contest Guidelines:

*Contest is for Metro Manila only

1.  Like the Megadeals official Facebook page!

2. Like the FlairCandy official Facebook page and spread the love 🙂

3.  Answer the folowing “What is your biggest challenge on budgeting your money?”

4.  Pick a prize and put it on the comment section below “If I win, I want a _________voucher

5. Answer on the comment section below, but make sure to leave your email address on the form like I did on this sample entry:

6. I will pick one winner with the best answer and grant the item he/she wants. Then the rest of the winners I will randomly pick!

7.  I will announce the winner at 9 am tomorrow (June 8, 2011)

Follow me on twitter too for more updates. I will have another contest soon!

GOOD LUCK and spread the love to friends!


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  1. My biggest challenge is that I’m a shopaholic! I can’t resist buying clothes with big discounts and thrifted items. I also love to splurge on food because that’s my coping mechanism for work stress.

    If I win, I would want to win a KFC voucher. Thanks! =)

  2. My greatest challenge in budgeting my own money is that i don’t know how to budget, i just know how to spend!

    If i win, i want a XOXO voucher for my girlfriend. 🙂

  3. What is your biggest challenge on budgeting your money?
    My biggest challenge on budgeting money is that I can’t veer away from spending on food. I just love eating, period.

    If I win I want the KFC vouchers!!

    Liked Megadeals and Flaircandy on FB and a follower of you on twitter for a long time na. =)

  4. My greatest challenge in budgeting my money is that I usually spend it more on my wants than my needs and then regret later. Also, being away from home for college adds to the challenge of it because aside from my wants and needs, there are bills, food and other daily consumptions to think of. Whew! :))

    If I win, I would like to win a KFC voucher. Thanks!

    P. S. More power to you and your blog! 😉

  5. My greatest challenge in budgeting my money is that I spend more in helping my parents pay the house rent, electric and water bills. Even my sibling’s tuition fee and their school needs. Most of my salary goes to my family. But I don’t complain, I’m happy to help. 🙂 Its my token of appreciation to them and I take it as a challenge for me. That way, I can learn how to budget. 😀 And then what’s left for me, that what I have to really budget! Hehe 🙂 I know naman the Lord will Provide. 🙂

    If I win, I would want to win an XOXO voucher. Love the colors. 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

  6. My greatest challenge in budgeting money is how to budget my husband’s salary. It’s always not enough for our monthly expenses. With gasoline price’s going up weekly, what’s left to budget? 😉

    If I win, I would want to win an XOXO voucher. Thank you Flair Candy! 🙂

  7. My biggest challenge in budgeting money is getting organized. I’m bad at documenting things like receipts and bank statements so sometimes it’s hard to trace where everything is.

    If I win, I want a KFC voucher. 🙂

  8. My biggest challenge in budgeting money is my 6-year old brother. I can’t help but give things that he really wants coz he’s so adorbs! especially when he makes the “paawa” face. such a cutie! 🙂

    If I win, I want the YSA voucher.

  9. My biggest challenge in budgeting money is when i always spend more money with my crush mate. its a bad habit because everytime we hangout, he always want me to treat him foods, so instead of budgeting for myself or for my family, it ended up with him.. He also do this everytime i dont have money also…
    If i win, i want the KFC voucher, for him and for my family… =)

  10. my biggest challenge in budgeting my money is… since im married now and have a 2 yr old son i should be prioritize what are really need.. its so hard for me because im a shoppaholic person and every girl love shopping… everytime im in impulse to buy my super ego says stop buying that… do you really need that… im a type of person that if didnt but that ndi ako makatulog sa gabi… so the next thing i will do is to save for my personal need bukod ung budget sa mga bills at sa need ng baby…

    if i win i want the YSA voucher.. since its been ages the last time i visited in clinic.. 🙂

  11. My greatest challenge in budgeting money is that malls are having sales everywhere! Most of the time, everytime I pass by a store they have great discounts on either bags or clothes and even if it is not necessary, I tend to buy it!

    If I win, I would want to win the YSA voucher.

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