So I was strolling around Robinson’s Ermita when I passed by a food stall selling Green Mango with Bagoong!

Where have you been all my life!  I always buy unripe mango and bagoong on side street vendors but it always worries me of how clean they were >.<

I’m just so glad I found one Mango-Ong food stall in the mall 🙂 I am not sure how many branches they have yet, but to those who love mango and bagoong like me, keep your eyes open and your mouth ready for Mango-Ong 🙂




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  1. The bagoong was GOOOD! the mango was so-so 🙁 but the bagoong was good that I didn’t mind the pale mangga! Also, you can customize your bagoong to sweet, spicy, how much spiciness or sweetness etc 🙂

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