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I’m always in search for great music.  I am keen in listening to bands and music that are rare and never heard before (here in the Philippines) and share it with friends.  When I was in High School (10 years ago) I had an affection for Koren Pop music… at that time, only a few people in the Philippines appreciate Kpop music.  I think I was the only one and some 3 friends who love Kpop music in our province Bacolod… but if you notice now, the Kpop Fanatics in the Philippines has grown…

When I discover great music, I share… here’s my recent discovery.

Music is food for the soul. And if you’re trying to veer away from junk food, then it’s time you listened to Rendezvous for a healthy and filling audio treat.

Perhaps you haven’t quite heard of Rendezvous yet, but even if you didn’t come across this post, you sure will get wind of them this year. Already leaving quite an impression in the past years, Rendezvous has amassed almost tens of thousands of fans because of just three songs.

rendezvous 4

They have received such a warm welcome by music aficionados all over the world in the past years that Rendezvous finally decided to release their very first album. Including eight original tracks that will appeal to everyone with an ear for music, their debut album has been mixed and produced by no other than David Bascombe, the great producer who has collaborated with the likes of Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia.

All eight tracks in their upcoming album have been brainstormed by Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg, two very talented musicians who know their craft very well. Inculcating different tricks into each track, they have succeeded to give the band its signature concept. Although Rendezvous’ music is conceptual and experimental, their songs are never forced nor are they difficult to listen to. In fact, it’s quite easy to get addicted to their music – just hit “play” and you’re forever lost to their groove.

hagai 4

Far from impressed? Before you pass judgment, give it a try and listen to their songs by tuning in to Rendezvous’ official YouTube channel. See them at work and listen to their tracks before they have been mastered. It doesn’t take a genius to notice how their music is intelligent yet emotionally engaging, which means there will always be something for everyone to love.

Find out more about Rendezvous by visiting their official website. Try their songs out – but be warned; you just might end up loving what you’re hearing.

Rendezvous themselves are a two piece band consisting of Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg. Collaborating together since 2003 they are on a quest to dig deep into music as a true art form, trying to find interesting ways to capture the imagination of hungry minds and ears everywhere. Their work can be easily cataloged as instrumental and experimental, bringing together both retro sounds and ideas to this electronic contemporary world. On 2004 they released their first EP, a live in the studio project which was recorded in a short period of time with two other musicians, while playing around and improvising on various grooves and forms, every take was a journey within itself ending up differently each and every time, this venture crowned the band their name… “Rendezvous”. The EP was a success and immediately afterwards they began working on their first full length debut album, a project that took them almost five years to complete. Half way through recording the album they teamed-up with highly appreciated mixer and producer Dave Bascombe (Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears) which is now mixing the album in London.

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  5. Well I don’t like Kpop! I’m intrigue why most Filipino’s loves kpop these days.When they don’t even know what the korean singers were sayin.

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