Party Candy: 12 Bars, 1 Night

12 Days of Christmas? nahhh… It’s a bit early for that… 12 bars of awesomeness – that I can do… in 1 night!!! Yeah, I conquered 12 bars in 1 effin’ fantastic night before I zoomed in to Kuala Lumpur and Penang! So forgive me for being a major major hyper-energetic ball!!! There’s just too much awezumness in my system!

  1. Toyz Palanca (Makati)
  2. Toyz Fort (Taguig)
  3. Toyz Experience (Taguig)
  4. Amber (Taguig)
  5. Manor (Eastwood)
  6. Fiamma (Makati)
  7. Il Ponticello (Makati)
  8. Dolce (Quezon City)
  9. White Avenue (Quezon City)
  10. Eivissa (Quezon City)
  11. Sidebar (Quezon City)
  12. Encore (Taguig)

12 Bars in one night!  I challenged the party girl in me to bar-hop 12 clubs in one night.  Although I have alcohol intolerance (Asian Flush), I did not fail to try out some of the funkiest drinks in these bars.  What’s so special about these bars?  You will find out once I reveal the common factor between them in the next four days!  Clue: It has something to do with one of my passions… Another clue: it’s a manly sport that I love!  It’s gonna get LOUD!

What’s in it for you?  It’s a chance for you to watch a very luxurious sporting game with lots of other cool concerts on the side! Holler at yo! Do you know what I’m talking about… I bet you do!  But if not, check out my next few blog posts and you will find out!

asian flush

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