Pictures of the Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities on the 82nd Oscars 2010

The Best Dressed.

Sandra Bullock was definitely one of the most glamorous ladies in the 2010 Oscars.  Not only did she win Best Actress in a Leading role, she also wins the Best Dressed for the night.  She wore a channeled old Hollywood with a metallic sheath and embroidered lace.  This looked really classy on her.

Kristen Stewart graced the night in a midnight blue Monique Lhuillier gown.  I think people are used to seeing her in dark clothes these days that this her dress really looked classy and chic on her.  The only problem is she does not have much stage presence when she’s up the stage to presend the award.

Penelope Cruz was as sexy as her accent during the night.  She presented the award on stage on a dusky red Donna Karan gown.  Red really suits Penelope.  Although, I would have preferred her to wear a dress that would allow her hair to be down which is more sexy.

Tina Fey, Cameron Diaz and Rachel McAdams also did justice to their wardrobes.  They simply looked elegant and the dress really looked nice on them and suited their physique.

Among the males, George Clooney and Zac Efron topped our list.  George wore a tux with a limp feathered silver coif as an accent.  He looked very handsome indeed.  The only other guy better dressed than him is Zac Efron.  Zac just looked very handsome in her teens and we could see that in 30 years, he just might be the George Clooney of his generation.



Many people expected Kate Winslet to go in another elegant dress.  This year, she wore a boring attire.  She wore an Atelier Yves SAint Laurent gown and it really looked well and nice on her.  People were just expecting more from her.

Anna Kendrick debuted this Oscars.  I must say, she looked very nice on her almost nude dress.  She wore an Elie Saab Couture off-the-shoulder blush gown.  This accented her very nice and rosy skin.  The shoes were a bit off though, but I personally would want to wear this dress myself.

Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared in all black.  Dark black.  That it somehow draws attention away from her pretty face.  The Best Supporting Actress nominee looked really nice and dainty – face wise.  I just think her face is just a mismatch to the dress.  I think she should have opted for a lighter colored dress.  But still, she didn’t look as bad, she carried it well.

Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Carey Mulligan were the other ladies who looked nice but didn’t really go up in the air with their dress.

The Worst Dressed.

If someone would have to be picked to win this award, it will be Vera Farmiga.  She wore a ruffled flamenco style Mrchesa gown.  It didn’t really look chic on her.  The dress just drew much weird attention.  It just screamed ‘yikes’ all over.

Mariah Carey would have to be the second worst-dressed.  What was she doing with a cleavage and a slit at the legs both at the same time.  She looked kind of fluffed in the dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of our favorite celebrities to critique on.  She always wears the best and also the worst wardrobes.  At least she’s almost never a mediocre.  Her fashion style is really of her own and she could appear dainty from the most elegant dressed of the night to the worst dressed.  Actually, she’s not worst dressed for the evening.  Her dress just does not flatter her appearance.

Zoe Saldana an dKathryn Bigelow also both made it to the worst dressed list.  They just seem to look awkward in what they were wearing.

And here are the pictures of or best and worst dressed celebrities.  What do you think?  Who are your picks of the worst and best dressed?  Comment below and share us your thoughts!



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  2. Hi Hannah, I think Maggie wore blue (the printed dress). Maggie Gyllenhaal wore a blue patterned strapless Dries Van Noten gown. Kristin Stewart was the one who wore the all black Monique Lhuillier ensemble.

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