Port Klang to Thean Hou Temple

Malaysia is a multi-cultural country.  Mostly resided by Malay and Chinese people.  A lot of Filipinos and other expats now live here as well.

With this, they have mosques, churches and chinese temples.

We were sailing aboard the SuperStar Virgo overnight from Singapore and docked early morning at Port Klang, Malaysia.  It was a very nice experience.  I slept, when we were in Singapore – and when I woke up, this was my view 🙂

This was our view of the port while we were enjoying a festive breakfast buffet at the Mediterranean restaurant.  I swear, food never ran out and I gained like 3 pounds over the trip – but I don’t care!

Food is part of the trip and I choose to enjoy it!

Port Klang looked gloomy as it rained early in the morning.  I was happy that it did.  I remembered the first time I went to malaysia and it was so hot! Hotter than in the Philippines.  The rain, regulated the temperature a bit.

I remembered having a sore throat and that bothered my sleep in the cabin.  I only felt relieved when I drank Jas’ Pei Pa Koi – a chinese all-around cough medicine.  That was already 4am so I barely had any sleep and so I slept through the entire trip from Klang to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

When I woke up, I was greeted with bright colors evoking words like “Good morning Hannah”

I love colors!  We went down and toured around the temple.

Thean Hou Temple

It was one big temple.  We had to climb a flight of stairs up the tower.  That definitely woke me up.

There were a lot of people, and I even noticed a couple getting wed.  The tour guide then explained that the Thean Hou temple offers fortune telling and marriage registration services.  She was like “If you have your boyfriend or girlfriend with you, you can already get married right here right now.” 😛

Thean Hou Temple, candle

We went inside the alter and saw people praying and meditating.

The temple was so big, but if you look at the details, you will see that it is carefully crafted.

Thean Hou Temple

One example is their ceiling.  I know nothing about architecture, but it looked like they sure put a lot of work on this one.

In addition to the altar in the prayer hall, there is also a smaller statue of Guan Yin to the right of the hall, set amongst rocks and falling water. Here one can kneel and receive a blessing of water from the statue. Outside the temple at the entrance to the grounds, there is a larger statue, similarly set amongst rocks and falling water.

Other features include a Chinese Medicinal Herbs Garden, a Wishing Well as well as a Tortoise Pond.

Finally there is a large statue of the goddess opposite the temple, along with a collection of other large statues that include representations of the twelve animals of Chinese astrology.

Traditional Chinese exercise and martial arts activities such as Qigong, tai-chi and wushu classes are conducted at the Thean Hou temple.

I was inspired by the details of the temple that I opened my perspective to recognize the tiny things in my environment, including this flower.

this was a really tiny flower.  But, it’s beautiful and it looks fresh.  It’s like the world i want to live in!

I went to a Chinese temple in Cebu, Philippines about over a year ago and what the fortune teller told me was “A very handsome guy will propose to you in marriage this year.”  I was like – “what?” But, I asked about my career and there he is, predicting my love life. But to make the story short, it didn’t happen guys 😛  Maybe I wasn’t concentrating enough.

hmmm, how about you guys, do you have any Chinese temple stories?  Please share below!

Fly to Singapore and Sail on a Cruise Ship to Malaysia

This trip was part of AirPhil Express’ Fly and Sail adventour package.  We only had a day trip in Malaysia but I think it was about enough time to go around the major landmarks.  What I like about sailing is that I need not pack my bags to go to another country because I can leave my things in the ship.  No hotel transfers or whatever.

More to come in our Malaysia experience: Menara KL or KL Tower, KLCC and docking at Port Klang and Thean Hou Temple

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