Sentosa – iFly, Segway, Sky Ride, Tiger Tower

On our last day in Singapore, we snuck in an afternoon trip to Sentosa to experience: Segway, 4D Cinema, Tiger Tower and the Sky Ride.

We all wanted to try the iFly, but we lacked time.  iFly is a Sky Diving simulator.

You are literally defying gravity here because you will be flying with no harness or anything at all – without the many dangers of Sky Diving.  Pretty cool huh?  iFly is Sentosa’s newest attraction.  The iFly will take at least 2 hours of your time because they need to quickly train you.

Our afternoon started with a hearty lunch at Tastes of Asia.

Tastes of Asia - Sentosa Singapore

We met the ladies who keep Sentosa interesting and fun!

barleyTastes of Asia Sentosa Singapore spaghetti

I ordered Barley for drinks and Spaghetti.  Everyone in our table ordered either Laksa or Chicken Rice.  I was in the mood for some pasta at that time.

We had Samosa for appetizers.  The wasabi cream sauce sealed the deal!

The Laksa was so delicious! So shiok! There are different kinds of laksa.  One that is common in Malaysia is the sour one.  In Singapore, they mostly serve the laksa with coconut oil.  And this is the one.

Segway Ride at Sentosa

Pardon me, but this was my first time riding a Segway 😛

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of myself Segway-ing… only this:

But here’s everyone else!

It was soooo much fun!  I want to buy one – or buy all Filipinos a Segway so that our air is cleaner!

Sentosa Sky Ride

Next up is the Sky Ride.  We needed to go to the other side of Sentosa anyway.

sky ride sentosa

Your feet are dangling as you sit on a floating bench!  Scary? To some maybe, but you’ll overcome it!  Just hold on to your seat tight!

sky ride sentosa

Ferdz, Winston, Marcos and me… On the other picture – Estan and other bloggers 😀

sky ride

The view from the Sky Ride was breathtaking and relaxing.  And we saw this mini-island with words “Marry Me”  Aww… someone proposed on that day and I think it was a sweet gesture!

Beneath us is the Luge track.  The luge is a downhill ride.

luge sentosa

We heard kids screaming below.  We thought someone got hurt.  Then we saw this big monitor lizard passing by their way.

What I love about Sentosa is that they don’t kill or capture the animals living on the island.  And yes, they are “Wild” animals.  They don’t feed them, they just live on their own.  You could also sea peacocks here most of the time, showing off their magnificent tail!

Sentosa Tiger Tower

We went to the 4D Cinema next.  Uhmmm, put your gadgets inside your bag if you don’t want them to get wet.  You’re not allowed to take photos inside anyway.

After that we walked a few steps to the Tiger Tower for a 360 degree view of Sentosa and Singapore.

tiger tower sentosa

All you have to do when you go inside is to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

Siloso Beach

Palawan Beach

We asked them if it is named after our very own Palawan islands here in the Philippines – and they have no clue why it was named that way.  If you know the history to this island, let me know in the comment section below!

Cable Car Ride to Jewel Box and Harbor Front

Another way to enjoy a top view of Singapore Harbor is to ride the Cable car.  There are three ways you can go to Sentosa from the main island: Bus ride, the monorail and the cable car!  You can also rent a cable car for a night to a dinner date!  We were told that there were a lot of marriage proposals that happened here already!

I havent tried riding the cable car at night, but it must be spectacular.  Seeing the colorful Singapore skyline that features the Singapore Flyer and the Marina Bay Sands – it should be a wonderful sight!

We also dropped by Jewel Box at Mount Faber.  It has fine dining restaurants and a really nice place to hang out!

More about Sentosa on their official website:

and their facebook


Get the flash player here:


This trip was part of our AirPhil Express’ Fly and Sail adventour package.  Call AirPhil Express hotline to inquire or add a few other tours in your trip.

and since the AirPhil Express Fly and Sail Adventour promo just ended, you can still experience Sentosa trip here

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  1. u should have tried ifly. groupon in SG had promotion yesterday on ifly- if im not mistaken the price is 79 plus segway etc which bost 130, not bad at all perfect for tourist friends. heheh just sharing

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