Singapore 2009 and Backpacker Cozy Guesthouse

September 23 2009

We left Manila by 1:30pm and arrived in Singapore at around 4:30.  I was surprised that this time the plane (Cebu Pacific) landed at a different Airport Arrival area.  It arrived at the Low Cost airport.  Philippine Airlines (my plane to Singapore last year) arrived at Terminal 2.  Terminal 2 is where the trains and buses are.  Good thing there is a bus transfer from Terminal low cost to Terminal 2.  We took the MRT from there.


I have a Singapore E-link card before and I just found out that it is replaced by an Adult E-Link card.  No worries about this as they replaced this with the new card while reserving the remaining balance.  Good thing I didn抰 have to buy another card because it has a non-refundable SGD5.

Bugis and Backpacker Cozy

DSC_0270 DSC_0010

We rode the MRT from Changi and transfer trains at Tanah Merah exchange to ride the train that would take us to Bugis station.  We arrived at Bugis and I was carrying my trustee map and good thing, the MRT station is just one block away from our place.  We had a trouble finding where Backpacker Cozy Guesthouse is at first because North Bridge road is very wide and the area and the building where it抯 supposed to be are full of cheap restaurants below and it was really crowded.  I just asked around and I found this 1.5 meter red stair entrance to the Guesthouse amongst all the restaurants below.  It was a bit hard to see as there were many establishments.

I booked our room for a really cheap cost.  Our entire stay here for 7 days costs us around SGD 140 each.  That抯 PHP 4,800.

Advantages of being here in this hostel:

1.  It抯 super near everywhere!  Like we didn抰 have to ride the MRT or The Bus much. It抯 near Suntec City, Marina Square, Raffles Quay, National Library, Bugis Junction, Funan mall was just walking distance.  The most important thing here is that it is just super near the Gate 5 of the Singapore Formula 1 grand prix!  Lucky!!!

2.  Lots of cheap but yummy restaurants down the building!

3.  It has internet but they use desktop.

4.  Free breakfast (but it抯 only bread and jam and coffee)

5.  Friendly receptionist

6.  Decent clean bathrooms

Disadvantages of being here in this hostel:

1.  No Wi-Fi

2.  No Plugs on rooms

3.  No TV

and the first two disadvantages are such a big thing for me because I抦 a blogger and I have so many gadgets!!!  I need my gawdeym electricity!!!

Dining at the Cheap Restaurants

No food pictures for now as I failed to take one when we were eating because I was just too starved to think about bringing my camera for dinner.  One meal could cost you about SGD5 with drinks.  Which is not so bad at all!  For SGD5, you could get to taste authentic food.  Many people are eating here as well and most of them are office people.

DSC_0274 DSC_0015

In my next post, I will be showing you around our area and my new discoveries?Make sure to drop by again tomorrow, ok lah?

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