The Sickest, Gnarliest Soundtrack Album to my Surfing and Skating Ever!

I must say… It’s “Destiny”

It’s Destiny that brought me to this gnarly music discovery!

I find myself often in search for rare lovable music!

One day, at the Fort, I went to the Press Conference of International Skateboarders.  I surf and I do long board skateboarding.  I don’t think I have the balls to ride a short board skateboard though lol.

Anyway, I love Geiser Maclang PR!!! They gave me press kits and this awesome FLIP Skateboards’ Extremely Sorry Album!!!

It’s totally a solid soundtrack to you and your friends’ getaway to a surf trip or a skateboarding session… If you don’t do any of the two, the album would still sound super perfect on your road trips!!!

My favorites are Stand by Me by Baron feat Lemmy and Dave Lombardo (remake of the classic by Ben E King), This is Forever, Love Shroom (you don’t need weeds to make you feel high, just by listening to this music you’d get to it ;)), the Process of Extinction is also awesome rock goodness and this is featured by David Gonzalez, also Burnout Like Fireflies which is a Mark Appleyard favorite!


I can’t explain better how it is so listen to the samples of the Flip Skateboard’s Extremely Sorry Album here.

Anyway, here are some of my surfing and skateboarding photos just in case you’d think I’m a fake ^_^

DKS - Surfing at La Union (50)

This was my first time trying to surf alone 🙂

DKS - Surfing at La Union (53)

With my banana raggamuffin’ board 🙂

DKS - Surfing at La Union (51)

Cheerleaders balance well

DKS - Surfing at La Union (48)

Holding the board while surfing… seems like I’m alone in the ocean XD love it! I miss surfing all of a sudden

DKS - Surfing at La Union (49)

I have a 6’10” Fun board and nope it is not really a short board… The wave is trying to drop me here.

La Union July 19 09

Newly opened, unused surfboard I bought from R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street.

It’s a 6’10” Schaper from SouthPoint.

Waves look tiny in pictures but if you’re there they are a bit scary and big… this one tried to drop me… It was a nice ride though

La Union Surfin-0380

la la la… close up!

Longboarding at Bonifacio High Street

This time, surfing the road with a long board skateboard.

Longboarding at Bonifacio High Street

Blurred background is Krispy Kreme 😀

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