Vaseline Summer Skin Contest: Your Skin’s Best Friend this Summer

Hello gorgeous!

Summer is officially here and it’s time to show off some skin!  In a tropical island like the Philippines, summer could get extended because we have great weather all year round (except for a few typhoon coming our way).

We cannot strut the streets fully covered because the heat would get you very uncomfortable. That’s why, we need to take care of our skin, because after all, it has always been a part of our daily wardrobe.

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During summer, I go to the beach a lot!  I love to get a subtle tan, the one that would emphasize my muscle cuts *wink*  But the thing is, we need to protect our skin under the sun too!  I always apply sunblock whenever I hit the beach or the pool.  What we often forget to do though is to apply some skin protection on a daily basis.

As a frequent traveler, I cannot explore the city or a new place without walking around under the sun.  Applying sunblock with high SPF – is just too thick and leaves white residue.  Also, it gets really sticky and that’s no good when you’re traveling in a very humid and hot country such as Cambodia.

The reason for this blog post is because I want to share with you just the perfect lotion and skin protection this summer!

I have been an advocate of this product since it was launched a few years back.  Yes, Vaseline Healthy White triple lighting lotion 🙂

I reviewed this product before.  Click here to read my detailed review. Â But if you’re lazy to do so, let me just give you a recap.

  • Love the fresh scent!
  • Gives you triple benefits: Sun protection against UVA (PA++) & UVB (SPF 24), and it also has B3 that helps in skin lightening!
  • Lotion blends well with the skin, (unlike sunblocks or any lotion with higher spf that gives “whitish” or thick residue
  • Light texture which is perfect for our hot and humid weather.  If it gets too sticky, it will be very uncomfortable

Overall, I would say Vaseline Healthy White lotion is your skin’s best friend this summer, and all year round!  You get to keep your gorgeous skin, protect it from harsh sun rays and maintain an evenly toned, and smooth skin 🙂

You can buy this at your local grocery stores 🙂

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