Product Review: Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24

Vaseline Road Trip Day 2 - Breakfast, Golf, ATV, Fort Ilocandia (3)

It’s my first time trying this product and like I said from the beginning of our trip, I will test this throughout the road trip!  I had a hard time trying to compare it with other lotions because this product is so different.  All in all, it had the things I needed for my dry, sensitive skin and uneven skin tone.

My personal skin problems:

Vigan, Ilocos Sur - Pottery Making, Hotel Salcedo de Vigan, Calle Crisologo, Barrio Pagburnayan (4)

1. Very dry skin.  If I leave it unmoisturized for a month, it would look like scales!

2. Uneven skin tone.  Swimming, surfing, frequent traveling, skateboarding, driving – name it I have every reason to have dark skin, but worse, it’s uneven!

3. Sensitive skin and nose.  I need to properly take care of my skin because if I don’t, my allergies and eczema would all come out! My eczema is caused by both fatigue and dryness of skin.

I usually don’t care if my skin gets dark.  I don’t like applying sun block on my skin all the time especially when I’m touring around different countries or when simply just walking or driving around the city.  I don’t like the sticky feel of the sun block and the smell of the pool following me.  For some reason, sun blocks to me, smells like the pool.

Don’t follow me guys, I have changed.

What you need to do to take care of your skin:

a. Moisturize

b. Protect from sun’s UV rays

c. Even out your skin tone

During the Northern Philippines road trip, I applied Vaseline Healthy White lotion.  Did I like the Vaseline Healthy White with SPF 24?


I absolutely did!

Here’s why:

1.  Moisturizes my skin without feeling sticky! Perfect for my super dry skin!

2.  There are 3 layers of protection from the sun.  It protects me against UVA (PA++)* and UVB (SPF 24)*.  It also has vitamin B3 that helps in skin lightening!  It actually works!  I didn’t look any darker than I already was! Itt somehow evened out the tan lines I got from Boracay.  I think I’ll just apply this for about a couple more weeks then we’ll see how much it improves! 🙂

3.  It has a nice smell.  My nose is very sensitive to smell as well and I could get dizzy enough just by scents alone.

4.  For some reason, this lotion gives my skin a healthy rosy glow

5.  It’s affordable.  You can buy it with a price range of P99 – P399.  I didn’t buy my first pack as it was given to me 😛 But, will I buy this again? Oh yeah definitely 🙂


The whitening factor is just a bonus for me.  I am really more concerned for a higher UVA and UVB protection with the skin moisturizer/lotion I have.  Without these protection, my skin will get old easily! Wrinkled, scaly, dry!  Here in the Philippines, sun is out all the time.  Even walking on your way to work or school gives you exposure to sun.  This all in one lotion is a Win! hurray for Vaseline Healthy White.

Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 is highly recommended for an all around lotion with a triple lightening protection that gives you a fair, even toned skin.

*mini glossary:

  • UVA €“ Ultraviolet A (protection to this harmful rays are measured in PA+, PA++ or PA+++)
    • the more pluses (+), the better protection
    • if you go out of the sun a lot, you need at least PA++
  • UVB €“ Ultraviolet B (protection to this harmful rays are measured in  SPFs)
    • the higher the SPF the better


Even with sunscreen, it is not advised to stay too long in the sun.  Reapplication is also encouraged every 4 hours.

Vaseline Road Trip Day 2 - Malacanang of the North and Paoay Lake (5) P1050483 Vigan, Ilocos Sur - Pottery Making, Hotel Salcedo de Vigan, Calle Crisologo, Barrio Pagburnayan (5)

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  1. I think the gift pack I won would last till December! LOL! Haha 😛 I’ve been using it for two days now since I got my prize. And my observation within two days? My skin feels soft and smoother compared if I use my previous lotion. 😀

  2. LMAO!! 😆 why do I look so funny as hell there in that photo of us with table. I am applying lotion but it looks like I am concentrating on something. HAHAHA!

    Going back, I started using Vaseline Healthy White na everyday!! As in! Lambut sa skin!

  3. Does it have any side effects on your skin? I’ve been using it for three consecutive days already and I’ve observed that it’s causing some orange discoloration on my skin. It made my skin looks darker. I tried to scrub it off while I’m taking my shower and yes it can be removed but the thing is it’s not only causing some stains on my skin but to my garments as well..

    1. Not to me… hmm, I’m not a doctor but if it persists you may need to talk to a dermatologist. I have a friend whose skin turns really orange but I forgot what skin condition she has. As to me and some of my friends using it, we didn’t experience any discoloration of any sort.

  4. Hello may I know what’s the difference btw healthy white skin lightening lotion and this Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24?? Basically I used lightening lotion only in a day(include before sleep)

    Izzit SPF 24 suitable using at night before sleep? Thanks for your reply in advance 🙂

  5. @Lele the Vaseline Triple Whitening lotion actually works in 3 ways.. 1. it moisturizes skin; 2. it lightens and evens your skin tone; 3. it has protection from UVA and UVB Rays.

    Actually Florescent lights (not sure which ones) can also darken skin, so it would also help protect your skin even indoors 🙂

  6. These are getting to be exceptional all over again exercises wherein enables us to chill out the actual back bone as well as sleep adequately without the working experience with regards to pressure of your once.

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