With Poise at Toyz

This is the first stop for the night.

A series of Toyz in Manila tonight.

Is this the place where real boys play?

This diva has decided to crash and stay!

We’re grovin’ Manila, don’t you hear?

Makati or Fort, which one are you near?

Pitstop #1: Cafe. Bar. Dining. Boys and Toyz!

I didn’t even know there’s a Toyz X-perience… I haven’t roamed around The Fort for a while.  Toyz X-perience finally opens its doors to those with a taste for the finer things in life. American-Italian cuisine made affordable plus live nightly acoustic music.  They also have weekly acoustic sessions every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!  It’s perfect for dates!

And, because no one is old enough for toys, they also have Heli Precision Remote Control Helicopter in d’ houz for sale!

Don’t forget to order any Rev and Rave drinks or Bar Chow for a chance to win a trip to Singapore to witness the most luxurious sporting event in the world – The Formula 1 Grand Prix! Witness the only F1 night race in the world – EVER!  and also get access to other cool entertainment like mini concerts.  I heard Mariah Carey is coming. You’d also get to win other cool prizes on the spot… Are you feeling lucky? Don’t miss out on this opportunity.


Toyz – Makati


Toyz Experience – The Fort


Toyz bar – The Fort


Palanca St. Legazpi Village,
Makati City

Libis, Quezon City

Fort Strip, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City

The Fort

Singapore F1 Frequently Asked Questions FAQ #1

And since this is very much related to everyone, I have decided to post questions that my readers ask me through email.  I will censor their name (or change it of course) just for their own privacy… Anyway, these will be helpful to you too if you are watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix LIVE in Singapore!

I found your website and really love your F1 photos. I am coming to Singapore for in Grand Prix week this year. Currently looking at options for tickets and choosing between Bay Grandstand and Premier Walkabout which you can still get from Australia thru agencies. Do you have any opinions on the differences if I may ask?

I am a very keen photographer and want to apply for access.

Have you had media access before because some of your shots look much better than what you can get here at the Grand Prix in Melbourne. I am actually a freelance photographer trying to break into motorsport and follow my passion of F1!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for the email 🙂 Here is my reply:

I didn’t get a media pass went I went to Singapore.  I was hoping to get one but you need to get one as early as January for the passes.

As for the tickets… I took the Bay Grandstand tickets before and I say there is a corner there where you can take advantage and take pictures with especially on the Friday’s practice and Saturday qualifying.  There are too many people on Sunday so it won’t be likely for you to get any decent shots.

I really can’t compare premiere walkabout vs Bay grandstand because I haven’t gone to Zones 1 and 2 during the event yet.  But premiere walkabout means you can only walk around and you won’t have elevated platform to take pictures with.  Although, the only advantage of this is that you can roam around the “Elite” areas and you might bump into important celebrities (and even the drivers themselves).  The disadvantage is that you might not be able to get a good shot of the buzzing cars.

That’s it for now folks, stay tune for the next Club up next… and the next Singapore F1 FAQ #2 ^_^

Hundreds of thousands of F1 enthusiasts from all over the world are expected to visit Singapore during the action-packed season so it is advisable to book tickets early. You can purchase a single-day ticket or a three-day pass. Visit www.singaporegp.sg to find more details about the GPSS tickets, the full entertainment schedule and complete artist line-up.

To book exclusive airfares and 2010 Formula OneTM Singtel Singapore Grand Prix all-in-one packages, log-on to www.singaporeair.com, or call Red Rock Travel at (632) 738-6614.

To directly purchase race tickets, visit www.singaporegp.sg, www.ticketworld.com.ph, or call Racegear at (632) 359-4247.

With so many varied and exciting events during the 2010 Grand Prix Season Singapore, it’s time to experience YourSingapore the way you want to! For more information, visit Yoursingapore.com.


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  6. Hi Miss Hannah, I love reading about your posts from the Singapore races. You got very nice pictures from that race before so hope to see more from you this year

  7. I didn’t know na may bar pala na Toyz! I think I bought my copy of Toyz for the Boyz mag way back in 2005 when Chx Alcala was in the cover LOL for support lang hahaha 😛

    Makapunta nga rin minsan dyan 😀

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