2012 Planners!

Are you the type who uses digital planners instead of the old fashioned Pen and Paper?

I tried to attempt using digital planners since I have my phone with me ALWAYS!  But I’m old fashioned and I stick with pen and paper.  How about you?  Let me know what you prefer and why…

If you haven’t decided which planner to use yet, here’s a list of the good ‘ol fashion Pen and Paper planners:


1. Entrep Planner 2012

  • It has business tips like how to register a business in the Philippines.
  • It includes a Tax calendar.
  • It also includes success stories and testimonials from renowned business people.

This planner is now on 30% off via Buyanihan.


2. Seatle’s Best 2012 Planner

  • The one I currently use
  • It includes coupons to free drinks.
  • It includes fun stickers!
  • 24 hours wi-fi mini coupon
  • It has a month-calendar view and a free space for notes
  • Note: no daily view, but it suits me well because I need notes more and the calendar view to go with it.




3.  Bo’s Coffee Planner 2012 “The Coffee Book”

  • Also has a month-calendar view
  • with free space for notes
  • simple yet compact




4.  Sun Life Financial Planner 2012

  • the planner aids you in achieving your goals
  • has a Financial tracker of your goals and expenses




5.  Belle de Jour 2012 Planner

Stay organized in school or at work.  This planner is a chic carry-on!



6.  Starbucks Planner 2012

I’ve been hearing good feedback about this year’s Starbucks Planner for 2012


I know there’s more, but I’ve only highlighted these ones that I have browsed through myself.

What do you have for this year? 🙂


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  1. I’m about to buy the Navi 2012: Your Life Navigator buti na lang the wife gave me the Starbucks planner:) The bad thing about the Starbucks planner is medyo limited yung space.

  2. I went for Belle de Jour this year! Although I am inclined to believe that pragmatism should have led me to get the Sun Life planner instead!

  3. Hi Hannah! I’m using the Starbucks planner and I’ve been hearing complaints about the very limited space for each date (which is true) but most people overlook the very big blank note space right beside each week page. Since I’m very busy usually, if my sked doesn’t fit into the allotted date, I just use the note page instead OR I slap on them post-its.

  4. How about trying this one-of-a-kind, witty, “up-to-date” planner!

    The Supposed ‘End-Of-The World’ Planner 2012

    It’s just something to make the ride a little more fun. . .
    This planner will literally help you PLAN your 2012 as if it were your LAST!!!

    – Different theories on how the world will end
    – Different strategies on how to survive — per theory
    – To Do List
    – “To Do” List
    – End of the World Playlist
    – DIY Survival Kit
    – Template Goodbye letters
    – Special End-of-the-world Coupons
    – and many many more!


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