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I am not ordinary. I am extra.

This is one of the few things I realized over these past few weeks that I’ve been isolating myself with my own thoughts. I want to choose the ordinary life, but ordinary life does not choose me. I want to be simple, but does simple also mean ordinary? Quite not so. I am not the most eloquent person, so I usually struggle to put words and lay out the logic of my opinion. Hence, I typically lose a debate. But, nevertheless, I will try my best to explain.

I guess simple means minimal. But it does not mean ordinary. Simple means embracing the basics. While being ordinary means nothing special. I can be simple yet create something extraordinary. I can also be the opposite of simple, that is, be complicated but create something ordinary.

I hope you get my point by now.

I guess ordinary means you follow the norms dictated by society. I am not this person. I find myself breaking the status quo, going beyond expectations, and rebelling against certain traditions that I am not comfortable following.

Most people find it difficult to understand, that’s why I also have difficulties in finding a life partner. This is really some personal thing I’m pouring out on my blog, but holler at the comment section, or dm if you can relate. Or like this post or whatever, let me know if you feel me, people!


Flair x London
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