70-300mm G Nikkor Sample Shots


Since I have a D40 body and I bought a non-VR lens, I need to get used to doing manual focus. Auto focus is much of a big help but the pros lived without it before XD Many don’t like this lens and reviews say, it’s better to buy the auto focus one (with VR) but I got it for a really cheap bargain that’s why I bought it and it still serves my main purpose of taking great pictures.  Or, you might find me buying a new body after 2 years XD.

Why telephoto zoom… I need it for my surfing and Formula 1 Photography. I don’t know if the f/4 – f/5.6G would suffice my need to take sharp pictures but we’ll see! Follow my blog and I will upload surfing pictures about last week of the month since I have a scheduled surfing trip baby.


Tsim Sha Tsui – Hong Kong gadget shopping

suntek camera shop

What I bought: Brand New 70-300mm G Nikkor Lens

Made in: China

Price:  1000 HKD (actual PHP 6,000 at 6.00 PHP/HKD Forex Rate)

Where:  Suntek Electronics at Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Be really very careful in shopping around this area because there are many scammers.  Suntek shop was suggested to me by my friends and this is where I bought my lens.  and OH!  I am so planning to go back…

They were selling fisheye with macro fliter thingy that can make your lens wide-angle summore… and assist in better macro-ing as well!  Daym I regret not buying it coz if converted, it only costs PHP600!


Without the fish-eye filter  


With the fish-eye filter

wide angle filterwide angle filter

See the difference? I didn’t move when I put in/removed the filter… see those ipod nanos at the sides as guides.


The night race in Singapore.

I am worried that my lens can’t capture the race since it is at night! This lens definitely can’t take indoor or night photos much. If taking night pictures I must use a tripod and a remote shutter trigger. But, then again, I have been to the night race before and there are spotlights everywhere so I don’t think I will have to worry about light source next time.

I can use this lens for portrait.

I was supposed to buy another lens – the prime 55mm f/1.4, or they say I won’t need an f/1.4 that would be much expensive than the f/1.8. They said the f/1.8 would suffice. My friend said that I won’t need a portrait lens coz my 70-300 could do that.


70-300mm G Nikkor Sample Shots

Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G I heart Edward (paparazzi shot at avenue of the stars HK) Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G Rest Hong Kong Avenue of the Stars - Hong Kong Office Pictures 70-300G Office Pictures 70-300G 


**thumbnail photo of 70-300mm nikkor lens by stevec77 under creative commons license.

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  1. Huwaaa, ang saya naman, haha 🙂 I love photography. Wala ako hilig mag take, but I fell in love with most shots tlga.. haha naks. Hmm, I might ask my cousin about this, haha. Expert yun sa mga ganyan haha!

  2. waaaah. kaya hindi ako tumingin sa lens mo eh dahil mamamatay na ako sa inggit. LOL. konting tiis na lang bibili na din ako. woot.


  3. eek, nope I didn’t hehe… I was supposed to but got no time… and no money for it. One photog lesson may cost like 5,000 .. err save ko nalang yon pambiling flash? or lens? or bag! hehe… eeeks!! I’ll just ask help around from my friends and have some free coaching on my photography addict friends 😀

  4. prang auq nman ng walang auto focus na lens.. hehe, pero astig ka ate hannah if magiging magaling ka sa manual… 😀

    lalo na sa formula 1 photography, prang ang hirap gamitin dun ng manual focus…

  5. oh my ate hannah love this one!!!!…this article might also help me cguro kapag nasa photography course na po ako, to choose kung ano camera bibilhin ko po yay~!!! 😀 ang ganda ng mga kuha…bilib ako 😀

  6. I also bought my 70-300 last few week to shoot dragon boat race. I bought it about RM390 (aprox. USD110++) and only use 1 days…haha

  7. That’s my worry actually… but if there’s enough sun then no worries… if like for F1 night race… that’s my worry is in… but the track is well-lighted so I hope tripod would suffice 😀

  8. Ayei dear 🙂 thanks :-* yep, in time you will pick the one cam for you… I chose D40 because it’s a beginner’s camera… I learned quite pretty well and quick coz it’s super made for beginners… but if you want to go straight to the professional bodies go ahead darling…. soon enough I will change my body.. probably in the next 2 years hhaa

  9. wow, kumusta naman po yung 70-300 nyo ma’am. kasi kumuha rin ako kanina lang (china) medyo kinakabhan pa po ako kung ok siya. got it Php3.5K brand new.

  10. Hi Hannah, does this lens have warranty? I’m saving up cause I’ll be going to HK some time this year and I’m planning to get a new lens there. Thanks for this blog, at least I’m aware that such a place exists.

  11. yes… visit Tsim Sa Tsui (TST) to satisty your gadget cravings 🙂 anyway, just be careful because some stores may trick you or something. I think it has a 1 year warranty… but, there’s no Nikkon service center here in the Philippines though so the warranty is almost not useable unless you have it serviced out-of-country.

    Goodluck in your gadget shopping!

  12. how coincidental…just left my wonderful, non-auto Nikkor AF Zoom 24 – 120 mm f/3.5 – 5.6 D IF lens with friend Mark Perez in Baguio as want to either sell it or trade for a used Lumix Lx3 or better, if anyone interested…txt me at 0920.905.2411 or email at : [email protected]…wow, actually had diverse views on keeping the lens from my old Nikon camera body and getting a D60 but bumped into some friends who are professional photographers in the likes of Mannix Santos, Wig Tysmans, Boy Yniguez and more and noticed they were carrying Leica’s, Lumix and one taking images with his iPhone hahaha…i myself have a series of albums using my Nokia E90 and Nokia 6600 which i titled mobile phone art photography…as they say, its the Indian, not the arrow…so anyway, was inclined to ditch buying an SLR and going half way and decided i get a semi-pro digital like a Lumix…am not a pro anyway, just a lover of art photography to sometimes record my journeys and sights of beautiful places and even my own backyard…enough of this getting too long spiel…grazzi

  13. Hey Ed, yes this lens has warranty. But the thing is, there’s no Nikkon service center here in the Philippines so no matter what warranty, we can’t have it fixed in a service center here. Unless you go abroad again to have it checked.

  14. Hi, I’m currently in Hongkong and I’m having a hard time looking for Suntek. toinks. anyway, planning to scout through there products. thanks for this entry. inabangan ko talaga toh until I could visit this place! hehe. i’ll drop by later and hopefully i’ll make a purchase. hehe

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