How to Make a Sexy Pikachu Costume: Pikachu Ears

Last Halloween, I decided to dress up as Pikachu and Vince as my Pokemon trainer – Ash Ketchum.

Sexy Pikachu Costume - Cosplay Halloween-2010-Pokeman-Trainer-Ash-Pikachu-Big-Fish-Cream-Party 075_ppHalloween-2010-Pokeman-Trainer-Ash-Pikachu-Big-Fish-Cream-Party 073_pp

So, How did I do it?

First of all, the yellow bra and the yellow skirt were two things that I just bought in Divisoria.  I was scouting for either a skirt or shorts.  If you are not too comfortable wearing this, you can find alternatives like yellow t-shirts or a yellow jumpsuit and yellow pants.

It’s up to you.  the main highlight of the costume is the Pikachu tail and the Pikachu ears.

Here’s how I did it.

How to make Pikachu Ears

Things you need:

  • hard folder
  • non-silk, hard yellow cloth
  • scissors
  • scotch tape
  • black or yellow headband
  • needle and thread
  • black paint
  • paint brush

1.  I got a cardboard and cut it into two rectangles of exact shape.  You can recycle used folders like I did.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 043

2. Draw ears to shape the cardboard

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 045

3. Cut the line where you drew the shape with and fold the lower half.  Just estimate how long the ears should be.  I never really used a ruler, I just estimated things through.  Get the yellow cloth and trace the ears.  Then, retrace the ears outside by 1 cm to make sure you have space for sewing cloth.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 062

4.  Get a black head band where you can attach these ears with.  I just used ordinary scotch tape to attach the ears on the headband.  Give a little support to the ears so that it stays standing by putting a triangle shaped carboard as you can see blow to keep the ears erect.  Just use ordinary tape to do this.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 065

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 066FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 064

5.  Sew the yellow cloth for ears.  I totally forgot to take pictures while sewing it.  Remember when you traced it above on #3 that you need to give the allowance for sewing.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 067

6.  Put the cloth on top of the ears and I just taped it to the cardboard.  You may opt to use a glue gun if you want to.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 071

7.  Paint the black part of the ears.  It helps if you draw a line first and then just trace it with the paint and overlap.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 075

8.  Do it on both sides and that’s it – you’re done Smile

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 083

The next tutorial that I will give is how to make Pikachu tail.  It is more challenging than making the ears…

I must say though, I am proud of the tail that I made.  The Cream Ball Halloween Party was very crowded and people kept bumping on my tail.  I was surprised that I made it so well that it stood up until now. I wasn’t using any string or what not to aid the tail to be upright. Smile with tongue out

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 102

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  1. sorry if i sound soooo conservative, but did your parents really allowed you to dress like that? The skirt was OK buuut the bra? YES i think I should live in a different era, no offense meant.

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