A Fiery Rev&Rave Drink at White Avenue

If you still haven’t seen the pattern of my latest blog posts,  then it’s about time I tell you the obvious… These bars I that I have been featuring lately could be your ticket to watch the Formula 1 race in Signapore 🙂

All you need to do is to order any of the Rev&Rave drinks or barchow from participating bars and get a chance to win a trip to Singapore to attend the 2010 Grand Prix Season Singapore and other cool prizes!

I tried the Rev&Rave drink at White Avenue.  To tell you frankly, I got tipsy happily and I forgot to ask what their Rev&Rave drink is.  You just find out for yourself okay… All I can do is to describe the drink and the taste of it the best that I can remember.


That’s me before drinking the Feiry Rev&Rave drink


Yup, that’s the FIRE-y drink… literally 🙂

Check out the video 🙂


After I did it, I filled out this raffle form 🙂


and yes, this is giddy me after all the drinks I had

I also made friends because of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix Season.  I made friends not only here in Manila but also friends from outside the country like Vietnam, Singaprore and UK.  This is because I receive a lot of emails from Formula 1 fans and they ask me a few questions about the F1 race.

Here are some love mails I receive from them.

Thanks for the reply. I ended up buying Bay Grandstand as they are selling out fast. Saw some nice shots from people and one where the cars come out from under the grandstand, so you are above. No fences or anything:)

Are security tough with lenses. In Australia you arent allowed 300mm but they dont like big cameras and monopods. Some security are ok and some arent. I just want to bring a 5D and 70-200mm lens.

Are you going this year? If so I look forward to your shots on your site.

Cant wait!

Thanks for your help

-F1 fan from Manila

Hi Hannah
Just to let you know that i had a great time in singapore for the race, but had to leave when hamilton passed the winning line due to catching the train back to the airport.
Found out that the last train to the airport was 23.15pm, so i had to avoid the ques, but well worth the travel.

Looking forward to this years racing.

-F1 fan from UK

Hi Hannah,

It was all worth it. Yes I had some good shots. I will post it soon, I just don’t have the time right now….dami kasing pictures. Infact I have not selected yet. What about you? hows your coverage? Too bad you got sick. Guess what, I was able to shoot the drivers few meters away from me…..really worth it.


-F1 fan and photographer from Manila

Hello Hannah it has been a while since we last spoke. Understand you are having great adventures on the waves. Anyhoo I thought I’d let you know that they have started distributing the Singapore F1 tickets here in Singapore. I got mine yesterday. If you are as curious as I was before I got them, maybe you’d like to see how they look. I got them on my blog.
Anyhoo you take care and keep enjoying those waves. Till next time, good bye and God bless.
– F1 fan from Singapore

Hello! Found your site as I was searching for F1 Singapore photos. I can offer a place for you to stay in when you come next year! And the pictures which u put up are very clear and well taken! Haha… Peace be with you!
– a guy from Singapore
Okay so I think the last email, this guy was just hitting on me lol
…and a whole lot of email love dating back to 2008.
To me, F1 Singapore is more than just a race and zooming cars.  It’s also experiencing the lovely city of Singapore, the streets with the loud zooming cars and meeting the people you talk about F1 with online like these dudes ang gals above.  It’s the good kind of loud.  And every time you hear the cars ZOOM… you’re adrenalin jumps out… and you see other people chilling and walking around… I have been to the Singapore Grand Prix twice and I will go there again and again and again if circumstances allow.
Will I see you there?

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To directly purchase race tickets, visit www.singaporegp.sg, www.ticketworld.com.ph, or call Racegear at (632) 359-4247.

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  3. Heart warming messages from your fans Hannah!! You deserved to win this trip to Grandprix!

    PS Crazy pic! Mukhang hindi pa naman bangag hehe!

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