A House for your Cameras In Transit: Tenba Shoulder Bag

 Camera bags may be taken for granted by most photographers – including me.  Sometimes I don’t see a point in investing in one because they’re either too expensive or too bulky for me to carry around.

Sadly, I had to break a DSLR to realize the value of a bag.   I won’t explain further it’s just common sense.  And I didn’t have one before (what was I thinking).  I actually had one but it only fits for one camera.

If you’re like me who is looking to buy another DSLR, or you may already have one and just need the bag then you might want to read further.

I chanced upon a Tenba bag I borrowed for review.

Tenba Camera Bag

It looked really tiny, but it can fit a lot!  This solves my problem of spilling out stuff when I pull out my DSLR from my personal bag (yes, I used to just put it in my jungle bag with all of my other stuff).

The bag is very small.  It’s perfect for me because I don’t like to carry too much.  I have scoliosis and it hurts my back if I cary too much stuff on my shoulders.

 Tenba Camera Bag

The bag is perfect for just one DSLR kit and another lens.  In my case, I use only the kit lens and the 70-300mm zoom for my sports shots.  Sometimes, I also use this lens for portrait or paparazzi shots 😛

 Tenba Camera Bag


The bag is well organized.  I know where to put my stuff – wires, extra batteries, SD cards, filters and others.

 Tenba Camera Bag

I also love that it already includes rain protective gear which you can easily pull out from the back pocket.

 Tenba Camera Bag

Did I mention that I love the color green?  It is my favorite color and I love the kryptonite green that enhances my skin tone 🙂 Vain much? maybe!  But there’s nothing wrong with combining tech and fashion 😉

As for the price, it is reasonably valued at P2,250.  Before I didn’t want to invest in any bags because they are expensive.  But I also looked around other brands and this is a very competitive price for its quality.

Zippers look solid, the fabric they used are sturdy but at the same time provides cushion to the camera inside.

 More Photos:

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer



You can check out and buy your own Tenba bags at the following stores:

Anson’s – Makati
AV Surfer
Canon Store – Bonifacio High Street
Colours Cameras and Gadgets – Dumaguete
Colours Digital Foto – Cebu
Digital Hub
Digital Walker
Digital Walker Zoom
Gadgets in Style
Island Photo
Lee Super Photo – Dumaguete
Macy’s Photoshop
Meetrovi – General Santos
Nikon Store – SM North Annex
Nikon Store – Virramall
Olympus Store – Davao
SM Department Store – Camera Section
Watson Photo Shop



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  1. this find is nice. i don’t have a dslr yet but christmas is just few naps away. 😉

    but this Tenba bag is surely a great idea for your camera.

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