A Very Special Nuffnang Dinner

The Nuffnang team invited us to a very lovely treat.  Tim and Ming are in town and it’s time for a little break from work and a little get together.

It was a nice setting at Jay’s house and I swear, the moment I stepped inside the door I thought I was in a resort XD

Food was everywhere and I think there were 20-30 people for dinner 🙂

We were seated at a very very long table and I’m lucky to get seated with Tim and a Top Tech blogger 😀

Jeng Jeng Jeng… Blogger’s names are everywhere! and this is my seat ^_^

I curled my hair that afternoon btw ^_^ There were no mirrors from where I am so I used webcam as a mirror kekeke

We are honored by the presence of Heny Sison, one of the top chefs in the Philippines… She’s like the “Martha Stewart” of the Philippines 😀

She taught us how to make pizza! We were given aprons and chef hats XD

We had to earn our dinner and Tim put very much effort in making the pizza lol

Ferdz, Jehz and Maki kneading the dough 😀

Ferdz blogs at ironwulf.net and he is Asia Pacific’s Best Travel Blog 🙂 We were joking around saying he’s not only IronWulf but he has also become an IronChef lol

I was trying to imitating Jehz’s signature smile… and I think he’s also imitating me… but we are very bad at this lol… Again with the exchange of name tags to confuse people har har har XD

Margarita pizza (not sure of spelling) but this is my fave pizza of all time coz it’s simple… I get to taste this yum yum okay okay!  Heny is just pouring olive oil for the final touch 😀

BTW, I got so excited that I forgot my own camera so I was just grabbing pictures from everyone!  Above pictures are from Jehz… Now, I’m waiting for Boss Ming to upload photos coz he bought a very nice camera and a very nice lens XD *still waiting… waiting… waiting…* upload soon lahhhhhh XD

These pictures grabbed from Tim’s LX3… I need to buy one T___T


We just realized that it takes muscles to make a pizza

Words from the Nuffnang bosses XD and bloggers were listening intently

at the end of the night contest on “who turns the most red when drinking alcohol… Tim won! XD good thing my makeup did a good job of concealing it XD

It was a fun night and still looking forward to pictures from Ming’s camera ^_^

It will be maybe another year or two or whenever I will meet these guys again.

It’s fun being part of the Nuffnang community ^_^ Now that I am blogging full time, Nuffnang is definitely a partner in my blogging 😀


I know I forgot my camera, but I still took pictures with my Nokia N95 ^_^ and not bad for mobile pictures! I’m glad I have a good emergency camera ^_^ check it out!

[flickr album=72157623687459818 num=10 size=Medium]

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  1. didn’t know na nuffnang boy pala si abe. hahaha. wala sya masyadong screen time ah. hey my lx3 just arrived. kuha ka na rin. it takes pretty pictures.

  2. wow, that’s one huge house! and I would love to have his kitchen too.. ang ganda bahay siya! make me some pizza & send it to sabah please! heehe 😀

  3. wow, that is such a fabulous house! saan yan? and pwede ba yan ma-feature sa magazine?

    anyway, i read that you’re now blogging full time? did you resign na from deutsche bank? and is blogging really paying the bills? i don’t want to give up my job (i love it too much!) but, hey, maybe i should earn more from this blogging!

    p.s. nuffnang, bakit hindi ako invited dito? =(

  4. I was hoping to see you there as well 🙁 it’s Jay’s house ^_^ and yeah resigned from DB ^_^ and yes just full time blogging 🙂 pays the bills naman ^_^ still on the lookout for freelance stuff though and other part time jobs but I can’t full time coz I’m hosting a TV show as well ^_^

    Fran ^_^ Miss you!!!

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