AirPhil Express Fly and Sail Aboard SuperStar Virgo

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At my quarter life (assuming I’d live till 100), I’d have to say I have a lot of check marks on my to-do list already! And I just checked another one when I finally boarded a cruise ship!

The Asian cruise is part of the Fly and Sail package of AirPhil Express for only P24,888 (all in). This included our overnight stay in Singapore with breakfast, the cruise itself (food included) and a short day tour in Malaysia.

I was afraid of getting seasick but I think that with my pole dancing, surfing and driving race karts – I am already immune with motion sickness. That didn’t excuse me from bringing medicines and thank goodness I brought them with me. It saved me from getting allergy attacks and headaches.

What’s in your travel bag? I broadcasted a livestream showing readers the insides of my travel bag here.

I was SO excited to be on a cruise ship!  I never imagined myself in one because I thought that cruise ships are only for rich people.  I didn’t know that AirPhil could make it happen – to be affordable for everyone!  You definitely get your money’s worth.


Welcome aboard the SuperStar Virgo

Passengers are given this card that would also serve as your credit card inside the ship.  You don’t have to take out your cash while enjoying the different ammenities inside the ship, but you do have to settle your bill and accounts at the reception booth upon docking.
Before this photo was taken, I stayed in Harbourfront Centre mall in Signapore because I had to unlock my Facebook and email accounts.  They all got hacked!!! I was supposed to try Pole Dance classes in Singapore on our free time but I had to lock and reactivate my accounts.  Imagine the stress?
Good thing I was about to board the SuperStar Virgo – stress gone!
Aloha! This is SuperStar Virgo
We boarded at HarbourFront Centre in Singapore.  Our destination: Port Klang, Malaysia!

Our Room

Did I tell you that I totally forgot about my hacked cyber life the moment I stepped inside this ship?

Ah yes, look at that Happy face!


This room is good for quad sharing.  One of the furnitures inside (bottom right, can barely see it -yes that yellow thing) can turn into a bed.  It’s a mutant I tell you and I want one in my house for guests 😛

I had the best roomates – Vanny and Jas!  They had chinese herbal medicine with them which prevented the flu virus to take over my entire body.  Thanks for that Pei Pa Koi, it soothed my throat and took away my sniffles.  Remind me to bring one in the future 😛

Facilities and Entertainment

It’s a floating 5 star resort!  They pretty much have everything on board – even internet!  But it’s a bit expensive at around SGD 0.20 per minute. *gulps* I never thought I’d survive a day without internet!  But hey! This ship had so much more to offer that I didn’t miss my laptop at all!
List of Facilities and Entertainment:
  • Galaxy of the Stars (Live music, dance lounge and cocktail snacks, afternoon tea and cocktails)
  • The Lido (Showlounge)
  • The Picture House (Cinema/Auditorium) movie time!
  • Out of Africa (Karaoke)
  • Oasis (Games of chance)
  • The Mahjong Room (Mahjong games)
  • Celebrity Disco (Discotheque)
  • Sports & Fitness

This is the Lido Theatre and this is where live performances from magic shows, concerts to acrobatics happen.

The guy holding me is “Philip” or Philippart

(entrance is free)

He’s one of the performers.  He does comedy, magic and he sings too!  We were seated up front and oh yes, you know in some magic shows they ask for volunteers? Being seated in the front row is given.

They also had Reflections of Russia (entrance is free)

There were gymnasts, acrobats, a couple of super flexible folks danced on a pole too!  I was so amazed how they were able to pull their tricks with their pants on… (we usually pole dance with skin) the more skin the better for our grip to the pole 😛


ohai! It’s me 😛

and since I missed my Pole Dance lesson in Singapore, I had to do this:

I had to do this quickly because they might arrest me or what!

Thanks @Ferdz for taking this photo!

If only airplanes have poles like trains have.. I’d love to do tricks 32,000 ft above the ground!

I wanted to do pole tricks in Singapore’s MRT… but you know how strict they are there, I’d get arrested 😛

Staying in shape and keeping fit need not be boring.  They have comprehensive range of facilities that make working out anything but mundane.  After sweating it out at the gym, end your session at the Apollo Spa and Fitness Centre. Choose to rejuvenate your way from any of the exotic spa treatments.

  • Amphitheatre (Jumbo chess board, Jumbo checkers and table tennis)
  • Universal Gymnasium (Gymnasium)
  • Parthenon Pool (Outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi (4), sunbathing)
  • Aquaswim (Jet current exercise pool)
  • Star Track (Jogging circuit)
  • Other Facilities

They also have a business centre that is equipped with telecommunications systems to help you stay in touch with friends, loved ones or business associates.  Otherwise, choose to shop through SuperStar Virgo as you would a shopping mall.  They also have Chinese medicine here 😛

starlight arcadestarlight arcade

  • Ports O’Call (Onboard shopping)
  • Computer World (Computer centre in the child care centre)
  • Starlight Video Arcade (Video games) – they have time crisis, daytona usa, and many other arcade games
  • Oscar’s Hair and Beauty Salon (Hairdressing and beauty salon)
  • Library/Writing Room (Book loans and reading room) – my favorite place!
  • Charlie’s Child Care Centre (Children’s playroom and nursery)

Dining SuperStar Virgo

SuperStar Virgo offers so much more than first class dining and entertainment – it takes you to places where the sun, sea, people and culture blend colourfully well.  Every deck onboard SuperStar Virgo teems with endless fun, entertainment and activities. As you cruise to the most exotic parts of Asia on this floating five-star resort, its more than 25 outlets of food and beverage, entertainment and recreation outlets will impress you.  In fact, it is the only cruise ship in the world that has an authentic Indian restaurant on board that is certified ‘halal’!

There are 3 restaurants you can dine without extra charge in your card.  This is already included in the package and these are: the Mediterranean Buffet and Terrace (halal certified), Bella Vista (International Cuisine) and The Pavilion Room (Chinese Family Restaurant).  Other restaurants are with moderate charges.

All three restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The Mediterranean Buffet restaurant serves supper (midnight snack anyone?) 😛  The only restaurant that I haven’t tried was the Chinese resto.  Food was okay, there were some great dishes I liked in the Mediterranean buffet.

The Bella Vista cuisine is somewhat fine dining.  Be sure to dress properly in this restaurant.  I loved their cheese and buiscuit.

It’s the other way around actually.  I had fruits for appetizer (which I prefer) and cheese and buiscuit for dessert.

Sea Bass! 🙂 My favorite!

List of shops, restaurants and their specialties aboard the SuperStar Virgo:

The Taverna (Poolside snack bar)
Café Gelato (Ice-cream, fresh fruit juices and desserts)
Mediterranean Buffet and Terrace (International buffet)
Samurai Restaurant (Japanese restaurant)
The Taj (Indian (halal) buffet)
Bellini (Champagne bar)
Blue Lagoon (Southeast Asian favourites)
Noble House (Chinese fine dining)
Palazzo (Italian fusion specialty restaurant)
The Pavilion Room (Chinese family style restaurant)
Bella Vista (International dining)

Gelato bar for your sweet tongue

That’s it for now guys.  It was really a nice experience for me.  I was never bored on board (it rhymes!).  Even if I couldn’t use my laptop.  I even felt like I lacked time to explore everything in the ship.  We had the 4 days 3 nights trip.  I’m thinking of doing this again.  Longer though and I might take the route to Penang and Phuket!

More about Star Cruises and SuperStar Virgo here.

More about AirPhil Express’ Fly and Sail AdvenTour package here.


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  2. How lovely! I die of envy now LOL. My grandparents have tried the Penang – Phuket route. Gusto ko rin gaya-gaya hehe 😀 I think a cruise ship trip within the Fly and Sail package is perfect for couples. Na-miss mo siguro si Vince, noh? 😀 Me like this post, Love!

  3. Kasama na Manila to SG sa package na to? Aliw yung pole pics mo haha! Btw, how’s the sail? Dun talaga ako napaparanoid eh. Kalmado lang ba yung water? Or di mo na mararamdaman yung andar ng ship dahil sa laki nya?

  4. @Dyanie I didn’t feel the rock at all. It’s a very big ship di mo mararamdaman ang waves. It was raining pa nga eh.. and yes.. all in kasama Manila to SG roundtrip 🙂 amazing at P24888 noh

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  7. Hi, Your blogs are really helpful!
    Hopefully they come up with the same sort of idea next year.
    Maybe by then I wud be able to go and treat myself 🙂
    But isn’t it kinda sad travelling or enjoying sites alone?
    I wanted to try even before but im not quite sure if it’ll be fun….
    Who takes ur pics??? Sorry lotsa q’s

    Keep blogging 🙂 God Bless 🙂

  8. Hey Marianne! I tried traveling to another country alone… It was a bit scary for me… If you do travel alone, try Singapore and Hong Kong… other countries could get eery especially if you’re a girl and you’re alone. Well, I had fun traveling Singapore alone, sometimes I make new friends in a new place 🙂 But be careful okay? 🙂 Thanks for dropping some comments 🙂

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