Always Summer Attitude and the Havaianas Race to Hawaii

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So, I was walking around Manila Polo Club yesterday night and I felt the cool night breeze that you will only feel around this time of the year.  To me, it was the perfect weather!  I heard some reggae music and I had the weirdest adrenalin rush! ^_^ If you don’t know yet, I’m a raggamuffin’ girl (a girl who loves reggae)!  and I usually just hear these vibes on summer and I love how reggae music usually calms me down and sets me to chill mode.  Listening to reggae music is therapeutic enough for me to change my bad mood to chill!

I was then like, omgee I miss the beach!  I can’t wait for summer!  But then I realized that I am one lucky girl because I live in the Philippines where the beaches are available 365 days in a year unlike other countries that are experiencing blizzards at this moment!  In fact, it’s surf season from October to Feb and I usually spend time on the beach to surf.  Comes March to July – summer time and you’ll often find me in Boracay or in other awesome beaches here in the Philippines!  August – September is also another surf season so if you ask me if it’s possible to be summer all the time then hell yeah it is!

Havaianas encourages the summer state of mind and with this, they just launched the ‘Always Summer’ campaign to remind Filipinos that they don’t need to wait for the season to rejoice in its spirit.  Summer in a tropical island like the Philippines never ends and neither do the happy moments that come with it.

The Havaianas Race to Hawaii

Havaianas 2011Havaianas 2011

As part of its year-long summer celebration,  Havaianas is launching the Havaianas “Always Summer: Race to Hawaii” contest.  Flip-flops lovers nationwide can compete in a day of exciting summer fun by purchasing two pairs of Havaianas and winning a slot in the race.  Winners in the regional leg will proceed to Boracay – all expenses paid – to compete in the final leg for the ultimate prize: a trip for two to Hawaii – the land that inspired Havaianas.

More details about this contest at their official website

Havaianas Event Photos

Havaianas 2011

Havaianas 2011

Nails done at Nailaholics prior to the event Open-mouthed smile

Havaianas 2011

Notice the gold serpent ring on my hand?  I will give it away soon c/o Panopio Jewelry! Smile

Havaianas 2011

Me and Telly

Havaianas 2011

Coffee Break!!! It’s been a while since I’ve listened to them live


Havaianas 2011

I think this was when they were singing “Pass the Dutchie”

hell, it was awesome~!

Havaianas 2011

The event was set at the Manila Polo Club, but I felt like I was on the beach.  Daym, I had great memories in Bora with Telly ^_^

Havaianas 2011

Alvey Pulga of Channel V Smile

sorry dude, I wasn’t able to get a good shot of you coz you were hyper and moving a lot Smile with tongue out

Havaianas 2011

Intermission number (it’s like Poi dancing without the fire)

Havaianas 2011

This is kewl *pats self* Smile with tongue out

Summer Plans

Anyway, summer is around the corner too!  But before I greet summer, I’ll go off to Hong Kong first and experience staying in Hong Kong Disneyland’s luxury hotel ^_^  I want to feel like a princess on a cool weather and I want to wear the Uggs that I bought that I wasn’t able to wear on my last Hong Kong trip.  I’m also there to shop! Uniqlo and HnM here I come again!

For summer, I want to go Boracay again.  And this early Feb imma go surfing!!!

Of course, I’m also planning to buy two pairs of Havaianas so that I can have a raffle entry!  HAWAII is on my to-go list! I want to surf there and I hope I WIN!

Havaianas Race to Hawaii
Havaianas Race to Hawaii

So guys, are you excited for summer?


Then share your plans on the comment section below ^_^

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  1. i will not focus my beach trips on the summer season. i’ll spread it for the whole year. Batangas in Feb. Bora in July. Probably Camsur in Sept.

    I plan to be fit the whole year round. ahaha.

    nice meeting you at the event hannah

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