It is a very dangerous word.  With attachment comes dependency.  Dependency means addiction.  In absence of it, you will do all crazy means just to have it back and most often than not, you will regret making these insane actions.  In order to live without it, you must undergo REHAB…

Attachment is not an illegal drug.  It’s not a drug even.  But the effect is all the same…

Hand holding syringe

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  1. very interesting point raised. was intrigued by the concept of attachment and dependency. found something on google book, thought I share it with you.

    The dependent personality By Robert F. Bornstein (

    extracted from page 13:

    The behaviors that characterize dependency and insecure attachment shows only moderate overlap, both conceptually and empirically.

    Not surprisingly, development researcher operational definitions of dependency and attachment differ substantially, attachment behavior typically refers to any form of behavior that results in a person attaining or retaining proximity to some preferred individual, in contrast, are no directed towards a specific individual, nor are they concerned with promoting the feeling of security that arise from proximity to attachment figures. instead, they are more generalized behavior designed to elicit assistance, guidance and approval from others.

    Similarly, it is argued that attachment is an affectional tie or bond that one individual (person or animal) forms between himself and another specific individual. in contract, dependency is a generalized or non focused response characteristics. In short, attachment behavior is manifested primarily by proximity seeking, while dependent behavior are “object specific” and are consistently directed toward any number of people who represent, in the eyes of the dependent person, potential nurturers, protectors or caretakers.

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