What is beauty? Is it universal? Is it really in the eye of the beholder? Or does ir have a formula. For the living organisms beauty might scientifically mean healhy genes. For the ears, beauty through sound and music. And of course there’s touch and texture allnour senses judge beauty.

I just heard this one great song, perfectly put together. The rhythm and the melody just moved me, and I am one who is affected by beautiful music. The instrumenta arranged carefully to create this pleasant sound in my ears… It was calming, inspiring, moving. It made mw believe beautiful things can happen…

How do we create beauty? I am not entirely sure. But I think it’s all about pattern. This song I hear right now, can take me to places my mind has not been. Amazing!

P.S. I wrote this while the song is playing and exactly ended with the word “Amazing” when the song also ended.

Time to sleep now. Ciao! 😘

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