Blog Clog

Blog Clog

It’s a term I came up with to describe my current situation!

I don’t really know if this is already existing in dictionaries but this definitely is a flair word for something that the candy is experiencing right now.

I’m just saying, I have so much to blog about (my events and my travel and my surfing and my reef walking and my personal struggles and the my opinion on many things) see…

But I have so little time!!!

This weekend, I would have had a schedule for another out-of-town trip to subic! But I thought that I should cancel since: 1) I have no free income allotted for this; 2) Cisqo can’t make it on the weekend and I don’t want to go without him; 3) I need to organize my new room; and 4) I need to blog.

For the weekend, I am planning to rest. But I have pending pictures to filter and upload, bog posts to write and many household chores all piled up.

So, I’m not on a hiatus technically… or am I? I’m just too busy for a Candy for now.

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