Nosebleed. Again.

I’m sick. I think I have either the flu or cold. It gets worse because I have sinusitis, rhinitis .. You name it.

So my nose bled again. Probably from too much snorting.

Random thoughts crossed my mind like:
– ooh, that’s how red my blood is
– amazing!
– why is our blood red?
– why can’t it be pink? Or purple? Or white?
– Then again I recalled someone said that blood only becomes red when in contact with oxygen. Is that true?

On another note. My nose bleeding just stopped while I’m typing this over my Blackberry. I’m lucky my blood clots fast and my wounds heal quick. But then again, could that mean I’m prone to aneurysm? Hello Hannah!?! I’m just being paranoid.

Anyway, don’t mind me and my randomness. I shall sleep now.


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