Booster C Energy Shot Review

I ran out of Berocca and looked for other things I can chug from our cupboards.  I needed an energy booster drink of some sort – not just caffeine, but something more.  I read the product details of Booster Energy Shot and it’s actually quite interesting!

So, in a shot of Booster C, you’re actually supposed to get these active ingredients and nutrietnst hat you commonly find in the natural foods you eat.


Vitamins and Minerals Booster C Energy Drink



A vital amino acid found in the body essential for tissue development.  It helps eliminate free radicals to improve organ function.  No free radicals = no cancer, isn’t it?  Taurine is naturally found in seafood, milk, egg and meat.



This has been used for thousands of years to enhance overall wellbeing and health.  It increases energy, reduces fatigue and improves the body’s defences.  Ginseng is naturally found in the roots of a ginseng plant


Royal Jelly

This has rich essential proteins, enzymes, lipids, vitamins and minerals.  It’s known to promote brain development, decrease exhaustion and reduce infection.  Royal Jelly is naturally found in honey bee.



Of course, you know of caffeine to increase one’s overall physical and mental energy, enhancing alertness, reaction speed, concentration and memory, and determination.  Caffeine is naturally found in coffee bean, tea and raw chocolate!



Inositol is known as the “brain food”.  It is essential for brain nutrition and nerve function.  It also is important for protection of cells in the bones and intestines.  Inositol is naturally found in cabbage, raisin, grabefruit and orange


B Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6)

The B Vitamins promute energy production by converting the body’s fats and carbohydrates into usable energy.  B Vitamins also helps in manufacturing amino acids to rejuvenate cells.  Other important benefits include enhancing brain and memory function, improving muscle performance and increasing overall immunity and resilience.  B Vitamins is naturally found in leafy vegetables, fish and meat, fruits and whole grains.


Interesting set of Vitamins!  and the best part is that it is sugar-free and has only 21 calories!  But this one is packed with long-lasting, crash-free energy.



It is sweet enough for a sugar-free booster drink – but the taste is quite something! It is drinkable of course!  It just tastes like one of those cough medicines… Berocca tastes way much better in my opinion.  But the taste isn’t as bad as you could imagine.  Besides, all it takes is one gulp anyway! This thing is tiny.


Effectivity and Energy (Does Booster C Work?)

I felt a jolt of energy right after I drank it.  Maybe also because my body was reacting to the taste but hey, effectivity wise, it works for me.  There were nights I need to stay up at night to get something done and this drink was a good company.  It does the job! I was up all night trying to finish something!  I might want to pack this when I go on a 6 hour surf trip next time!


Where to buy?

I’m sorry about the price, I really don’t know because I just found this in my cabinet.  I bet it’s affordable though.  It sure is one tiny investment to make your day longer and more efficient.

This is readily available at 7 Eleven stores!


Have you tried it yet?  How did it work for you?




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