I’m back, guys! It’s good to be able to do reviews again in the comfort of my home while I study for an international exam.

My blog has been existing for over a decade already! Can you believe it? And now, I am as excited as the time I wrote my first blog entry!

We’ll get to talk about my comeback in another post.
In the meantime, I am reviewing this product that I have been eyeing for!

In the meantime, I am reviewing this product that I have been eyeing for! I was chosen by Try and Review PH to test this new product of L’Oreal.

I miss doing this, where we get to be the first to try and test new products! I can’t believe I’ve forgotten how this feels like!

Look, feel, smell

It doesn’t have a strong smell. If ever, there’s a hint of an almond oil smell, but it’s barely there. I’ll practically call it fragrance-free. Extra scent/fragrance on any makeup is a turn-off for me! Except for lip glosses that may have “flavors.” It feels super light, granules appear really thin, but smooth.

Application notes

Based on the physical appearance, you can already tell that it’s going to be my face’s best friend. I always look for light powder to use for my everyday look. If I had enough sleep and my skin is feeling fresh, sometimes I even skip wearing any loose or press powder at all! I try to avoid feeding my skin with chemicals as much as possible. But I keep one handy press powder in my bag, just in case I’ll bump into someone who will offer to go “cocol” coffee coffee lang 😛

It came with a soft powder applicator (not a sponge). I like this type better than use a sponge for powder because it can apply lighter powder on my skin better. It is easy to use, you don’t have to think or worry about bringing anything else because the container also has a mirror.

Coverage and Feel

As expected, it feels very light on the skin. It covered minor impurities such as a part of my skin that slightly darkened due to a pimple that just healed. It didn’t cover the entirety of it, but my skin still looks natural and natural – some flaws. Showing some flaws could be beautiful. It’s okay.

I also wore this on top of a full-on makeup before going to the pub with my friends one Friday night.

I wore a primer, plus foundation, and finished it with this True Match powder. I brought it with me to dab on the skin for a retouch after a few hours.

You can’t really tell from this picture anymore because it’s so dark, but I think I still look human.

It basically provided me with a matte finish on top of the layers of makeup that I used. It blends well too!


I recommend for daily use, especially if you need to go out every day and have casual meetings at the office. On the weekends, no need to vamp up Heart Evangelista style, to buy corned beef! Unless this is really your thing, then go for it you unicorn you! This powder will make you look all neat and presentable but still natural.

I found it even helpful to only apply it to my T-zone area, where I need it. I didn’t use on the sides of my cheeks because I don’t seem to need it there. So I just applied in a few areas, yet

I don’t look patchy, so it does blend well to my skin.
Like today, I wore this to my derma appointment. I just had a minor scalp surgery, no biggie 😛 My doc Lot of Skin Health clinic at Sta Lucia East Grand Mall in Cainta is fantastic! She’s super good, maybe this is for another blog post!


On the good side, it doesn’t feel heavy, and it doesn’t seem to clog my pores. I could tell after wearing it for a few days. It feels light, gentle, and the application is very smooth. In short, it’s all-natural. I look human. The case is not too big for it to fit the press powder, mirror, and the applicator. It fits well in my tiny purse. Also, it’s fragrance-free!

It also uses natural origin ingredients and mineral pigments that improve skin quality day by day.


If you wanna look like a unicorn, this product is not for you! 😛 I mean, if you need to use some heavy makeup for studio shoots or stage performances, this may be too light and will not hide 100% all of your skin imperfections. I’d still have this handy on mg bag though for a powder retouch.


It’s a great everyday powder to have on your bag. Convenient, light, natural, and super blendable. It only costs P399 and should be available in your favorite beauty shops.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. It included a bit of my life updates, which you will be reading more about in the coming posts.

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Additional details from L’Oreal

  • skin-hydrating benefits
  • up to 98% natural ingredients and mineral pigments
  • non-pore clogging
  • Recommended by dermatologists, True Match Powder is safe to use even for the most sensitive skin.
  • With 8 skin-matching shades that’s perfect for Filipina skin-tone


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