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I have good news!  Well, at least it is good for me, but it might be good news for you as well because now you would know that it is possible because I have experienced it myself!

I was so happy over the week because I just found out that my impaired vision due to nearsightedness has improved!  It has improved to the point that my left eye doesn’t need any help anymore and my right eye’s grade went down!

My aunt is very particular about the eyes.  She is farsighted and needs glasses whenever she needs to read something.  She knows how hard it is to move around with a blurry vision!  You know how they say experience is the best teacher?  I beg to disagree.  You can learn from other people’s experiences!  

As much as I would love to take care of my eyes, sometimes my lifestyle just takes a toll on it.  I need to always work on my laptop, pads and everything else.  Long hours in front of the PC made my eyes weak.

Now I don’t really know what happened during the last month that improved my eyes.  I have a huge feeling it was because of the following:

  • I took a break from PC
  • I took an 8 day vacation to Malaysia and Nepal
  • I didn’t bring my laptop during my vacation
  • It was a peaceful, relaxing, no-stress trip
  • My eyes were able to rest
  • Nature is beauty
  • I ate a lot of fresh and organinc fruits and vegetables because it is abundant in Nepal
  • I sleep at the right time at the right length

Yep, I think that’s why my eyes improved.

If you think doing the above is impossible because you cannot change your lifestyle or you need it for your work, you might think of getting LASIK.  I have a friend in the US who went to a doctor there and took a Chicago ophthalmologist exam.  Sometimes  you think you need LASIK, but the doctor might say it isn’t necessary.  So I say just go to your nearest and trusted ophthalmologist and have your eyes checked regularly.  If lasik is for you, they would tell you.  Otherwise, they would suggest another approach according to their diagnosis of you.

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