Crumpler Volume Rebate Travel Bag Organizers

Have a Flair for Travel!  One thing you need to worry about most of the time is organizing your luggage when you travel!  It’s all about maximizing your luggage’s space capacity! 

Maximise your suitcase capacity with this trio of travel accessories consisting of shirt bag, shoe bag and sock bag.


The secret art of suitcase packing is secret no more, and our space-saving, crease-fighting Volume Rebate luggage-within-luggage is why. Holding up to three pairs of footwear and a week’s worth of socks and pressed shirts, this triple treat of compacting compartments magically maximises suitcase capacity and access, allowing you to get more into your luggage, and more out of it, more easily.



3 Storage Zones

  • Zippered shoe bag — holds a pair of men’s runners and a pair of thongs, or up to three pairs of women’s flats
  • Zippered shirt bag — holds up to seven men’s t-shirts or five business shirts
  • Drawstring sock tube — holds up to five pairs of standard socks or up to ten pairs of ankle socks



How the Sock Tube Works

You simply stuff and retrieve clean socks at the coloured end, and stuff worn pairs at the opposite end. A floating floor keeps them separate, the dual drawstring closures keep them in place.


How the Shirt Bag Works

Stack your folded and ironed shirts and t-shirts neatly in the bag, then zip shut and squeeze out any trapped air via the side vent. Once compressed, wrap the bag around your loaded sock tube, lock with the quick release clasp, cinch tight and stow away.



How the Shoe Bag Works

Load in your shoes, squeeze out any trapped air via the end vent, then stow away in your luggage. Next stop Hawaii.


Fits in all Crumpler Luggage

No surprises here. The Volume Rebate threesome fits comfortably in our «Boston Height» overnighter, the entire «Spring Peeper» range, plus all the carry on and check in wheelies, Four-on-the-Floors and backpacks from our «Dry Red» travel collection.


Extra Shirt Bags

Good things don’t just come in threes, they come in ones. So if you need more shirt space — or simply want a more organised suitcase — grab one of these extra Volume Rebate Shirt Bags in the colour of your choice.


Water Resistant

Although designed to sit inside your luggage, the outer of each Volume Rebate bags is made from water resistant materials.

Guaranteed for Life

The Volume Rebate’s three compartments are constructed  with ultra durable materials and reinforce the joining and/or stitching on all stress points. That’s why its three compartments all carry Crumpler’s famous lifetime guarantee.


SRP: P1,990


Where to Buy

Beyond the Box



Crumpler Stores



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