Danao Adventure Park Bohol Suislide Zipline and Plunge

Hi guys, I’ve been very busy lately going on trips and stuff 🙂  I say life is love… but also, I’m getting broke from all these trips 😛  oh well, I just say… work harder (and smarter) so that I can go and travel more 🙂

Oh well I was really worried that I won’t enjoy the Bohol trip because the day before our flight, I was fever-ish and I was still coughing.  Fortunately I felt better the next day and man that trip was so awesome!


Danao Adventure Park

Danao adventure park boholDSC 0029Danao adventure park bohol

Danao Adventure Park offers a lot of fun, daring and challenging outdoor activities!  By challenging, I mean plunging down 200 meters and swinging back and forth with only a harness attached… Sliding from one mountaint to another, exploring caves and many more!

Choose among the many attractions they offer like:

* Ziplet

* Sky Ride

* Plunge (swing bungee)

* Suislide (Zipline)

* River Trekking

* River Tubing

* River Kayaking

* Wall Climbing

* Village Tour

* Organic Farm Visitation

* Camping

* Rappelling

* Root Climbing

* Caving

I was still sick-ish at that time and so I did not try the plunge.  You will understand why if you see the photos below.  Free-falling 70 meters while being suspended 200 meters high would make my nerves and blood go haywire and my immune system might be compromised.  I need a stable immune system to fight the virus on my lungs @_@  I took the Suislide though 🙂 (it’s their zipline)


Suislide (zipline)

To me, the zip-line is scarier than the plunge… I have no way of comparing, but it was definitely FUN!

Suislide is basically a zip-line consisting of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline cliff. The Suislide has two lines, going forth and back. Its starting point is parallel to the Sky Ride and Plunge’s height.

Suislide is the local version for zipline, a sky ride or a slide for life. Sui-slide is coined from the word, “Suis“ (the sound of the cable ride once you get to slide) and “slide”. It could also mean for some who is so much petrified with heights to be a suicidal slide. It traverses around half a kilometer from one mountain to another, taking you to less than a minute exhilarating ride…

Working load is 5 tons. It can slide a maximum of 200 pax in a day.

Rate: Php 350

I must say the the P350 fee is very reasonable because technically, you get to zipline twice (going to another mountain, and back).  This is actually the tallest zipline (not sure if this is in the world, maybe just the Philippines) anyway, correct me guys if I’m wrong on the comment section below.



I didn’t do this ride 🙁 But I want to so bad… but I don’t want to get sicker 🙁 I want to go back and do this though.  Anyway, if you plunged, you get a certificate 🙂

According to their official website, the free fall plunge was 45 meters before, but now it’s longer – 70 meters! WHOAH!  Anyway, the plunge is a canyon swing adventure attraction mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide gorge. A person would have to do a 70 meters free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter. Cable has a maximum working load of 5 tons.


DSC 0055plunge-danao-adventure-park-boholDSC 0065plunge-danao-adventure-park-bohol

*Special thanks to Miguel and family for fostering our stay in Bohol!  We really had fun and thanks for your hospitality!

Nature Love

Since I was jealous of everyone plunging and I couldn’t because I was sick, I took creative shots instead and enjoyed nature 🙂

danao adventure parkdanao adventure park

A different angle, a different hue.

danao adventure park

Dew drops

danao adventure park

Dew drops and a fly

danao adventure park

eeky millepede or caterpillar? whatever… I don’t know how to distinguish.. but man.. zoom in 😛

danao adventure park

spider caught some fly or something, it would have been nice to see the spider himself here


danao adventure park

What I like about Bohol is that I saw flowers everywhere.  Reminds me of my hometown Bacolod and it reminds me of my mom who adores flowers.

For more information, visit Danao Adventure Site’s official website here.  You can check out bookings, transportation services, how to get to Danao Adventure park and location map on their website 🙂



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    1. because with the zipline, you have the time to think and the ride lasts for 45 seconds and you can see the river 200 meters below, ang taas super! nakaka – HIGH literally and figuratively speaking 😛

      the plunge kse, the scary part only lasts 2 seconds.. that’s the plunge

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