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*can you see the bruise on my right leg >.< other

After Pole class, I rushed to watch X-men First Class!

All I can say is, you have to watch it!  The movie is dubbed by reviewers and critics as the best Marvel ever made so far! I won’t give any spoilers but do enjoy the movie over the weekend yah?

I had to put on some cologne, baby powder to freshen up and a blooming dress!  It’s so hot in Manila and it feels like it’s either summer or typhoon season @_@

oh yeah, and after a month and a half of pole class, I can finally do this:


But of course, I need to practice more for more awesome stuff… the Polecats teachers are super awesome as well as my fellow Pole Kittens (students)!  We give each other tips, we share stories and encourage each other ^_^ yaye to the new friendship! I love you guys *cyberhugzzz*

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  1. You’re doing better and better on your pole dance! I read your posts about it. 🙂 I haven’t watched X-Men but yeah, my friends say it’s nice. BF and I are waiting for Hangover II. 🙂

  2. Thank you MariaKristela… It’s just proof that a clueless girl like me who has no knowledge of pole dancing or whatever can actually advance further if you pursue it.. it’s a fun activity and I invite you to join us!!! oh yeah Hangover 2 had great reviews!!!

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