Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal – Indulging in the Nepali Culture

It was a bit tiring going to different airports and riding different flights.  Although, it also feels awesome that I am able to do this!

After a tiring trip, I usually book a hotel that’s very comfortable so I can rest well for my next set of activities in my itinerary.  This time, we were booked at Hotel Dwarika’s and we got more than just the comfort I needed, we got so much more!

Our hotel was booked via Agoda.com and Himalayas Encounters.  This hotel is a heritage boutique hotel.  Although they say it’s boutique, it has about 80 rooms as of to date.


The History of Dwarika’s and the Passion to Preserve Culture

This hotel is very rich in story.  Hotel Dwarika’s was built because of a fortunate accident, or we call it Serendipity 🙂

The founder of the hotel, the late Dwarika Das Shrestha found that over the times, Nepalese people would destroy old houses and use the old wooden carvings as firewood.  Mr. Dwarikas thought it was sad that this was being done and started to collect parts from the buildings demolished, particularly the windows.  In turn of the salvaged parts, he gave the men new lumber.



He displayed his collection in his house and found that many people come over to see it.  With that, he thought of buying a land that was then all grassland and a bit far from the city center.  Today, Kathmandu already expanded and Hotel Dwarikas is now situated at a nice place in the city.

He envisioned this new guest house would allow more people to appreciate Nepal’s ancient cultural history, giving the restored treasures a new lease of life.  Now, the Dwarika’s hotel is not only some place where the guests could stay, it’s also a living museum boasting of a rich Nepali heritage.



Around the hotel, you will be amazed by the great structure and the guest house’s features.  We felt at home.  Like in the Philippines, we received a warm hospitable greeting from the hotel staff. 




Pancha Kosha Himalayan Spa

Jyoti, the manager of The Hotel Dwarika’s, explained to us that "Pancha" means “Five” and the word Kosha means “sheath” or shell. Therefore, pancha kosha means five sheaths of the human body.

The Pancha Kosha Spa utilizes a variety of indefenous Himalayan herbs and treatments.  It draws upon an ancient and traditional knowledge of care giving,  the Nepali way.

Nepali massage is usually a form of massage that has its roots within the Ayurvedic healing tradition, while integrating and incorporating local healing techniques and modalities of the Himalayas. I got the Ayurvedic massage.  It was great to have after long hours of flight.  I think we had a total of 6 flights for this trip.


Price: NPR 3,000 (Php 1,500)

Opening hours: 8.00 – 20.00


Zen time!




Krishnarpan Traditional Nepali Restaurant

When in France you say "Bon Appetit," in Nepal, you say "Krishnarpan."

When you want to try authentic Nepali food in one seating, I suggest you try Dwarika’s Krishnarpan courses.  Dining here was definitely an experience for us.  After our arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, we went directly straight to our hotel.  Famished as we were because of the long flight, this meal was something we were really excited for.



Krishnarpan is a Nepalese specialty restaurant.  Food is served in centuries old plates and bowls by charming hostesses dressed in different ethnic wear.  You have a few options and it starts from 6 course meals and goes up to 22 courses!



As this restaurant is always fully booked, a prior table reservation is essential.  Outside guests of the hotel are also free to dine here, provided they made reservations.

Some of the ingredients of the different dishes are prepared with fresh produce from Dwarika’s own farms, which utilise toxin-free and environmentally friendly production methods.


Price: USD $32 for a 6 Course meal that goes up to USD $55 only for a 22 course meal

I say, GREAT VALUE for a meal like this!



Lumbini Lounge and Library

I think this feature is really quite unique and would be loved by bookworms, travelers and filmmakers, or simply, just by people who want to explore more about Nepal’s culture. 



When it gets a bit chilly, they have a fireplace cozy enough for you to just stay, and read a book.  Going in makes you just want to stay there and hang out.  The other great feature of this library is that they have Film-showing every night at 7:30.  We only stayed for the night and was a bit sad that we weren’t able to view the documentary for the day.  It was all about Mt. Everest.  It was a documentary you would definitely want to see before you step out of the ahotel and explore Nepal.


I really appreciate this feature and I hope Dwarika’s will continue to show more cultural films for their guests.

I will be back 😉


Price: FREE



Toran Restaurant

This is where we had our breakfast.  You can also have lunch and dinner here.  They seerve continental food.  Watch out for their juice and drinks bar.  They make good Lassi and they also prepare fresh fruit juices from a surprisingly variety of fruits.

Price: USD $18 – $28


Although you need to check your booking. Because breakfast might already be included.



Fusion Bar

The bar at Dwarika’s.  It is best to chill here at night, especially on Friday nights where they have live bands and BBQ.  It’s a prelude to as fun, mystical evening in Nepal where you can gt a variety of exotic cocktails snd aperitifs.



They also have Japanese fine dining experience.  They serve duing ounch and dinner.  I will try this on my next visit *crosses fingers.*



Other ammenities of this hotel include the open air courtyard, Pool, Lohn Hiti function room, business center and gift shop.



The Dwarika’s Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Room prices: starts at USD $210

Website: www.dwarikas.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thedwarikasgroup


Book at The Dwarika’s Hotel via Agoda.com



Hotel Booking through Agoda.com

You can book through Agoda.com via FlairCandy.com! Book just right below the title post 🙂


Registered tour guides for hassle-free trip

Himalayen Encounters

Tour Guides: Himalayan Encounters

PO Box 21218(Courtyard Kathmandu Guest House), Thamel, Kathmandu, NEPAL
Tel: +977-1-4700426, 4700335

Fax: +977-1-4700354

[email protected]



More Photos

Hotel Dwarika’s

Krishnarpan Dinner

Pancha Kosha Spa

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