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Wilson street in Greenhills area has been one of my favorite stop-over for delicious food.  Once we went to Luna and enjoyed the Filipino-Spanish fusion cuisine there.  Fran, a foodie, recommended us to visit “Everything at Steak” for a very delicious experience at a very affordable price, without the quality of taste being compromised. (Now that is unique!)

One day, we searched for this place along P. Guevarra street in San Juan.  It was traffic.  Good thing it was, for if not, we would have missed this restaurant, situated at a gas station!


Coming from Greenhills shopping mall, make your way to Wilson street.  Turn right at P. Guevarra and look for Petron station at the left side.  There you’ll see Everything at Steak situated.  In front of the restaurant is North Park.

Everything at Steak 17

The Place and the Ambiance

The restaurant is pretty small and chic.  The theme of the place is Pastel colors of yellow, orange and green making the ambiance look clean and leaving you to feel comfortable.

Everything at Steak 02


Really Delicious Affordable Food

Where do I start?!?

We started ordering the Moo Fries as our appetizer.  The pictures looked really appetizing and we couldn’t wait like little kids to judge if the pictures justify themselves.  The Moo Fries arrived and we could smell the melted cheese and spices!  My stomach initially churned like it immediately went on an “emergency-hungriness-must-eat-now-mode.”  BUT!!! I am a professional blogger and it is a must to take pictures first before eating!!!  This made my tummy very very angry… I mean hungry… but I must tame it down…

Alas! Picture taking was over and I finally had a bit of the fries with the very special meat sauce… WHAPPPAAAAKKK!!!! I almost fainted as I was overwhelmed by the perfect texture of the fries and the taste of the cheese-yoghurt-tomato-beef sauce… *tears of joy* I recommend you to try this if you visit this place.  They put it in a big bowl good for sharing for 2 – 3 people and it only costs P120.  (If you are being greedy you can have it all by yourself :P)

Moo Fries

Moo Fries P120 (USD 2.5)

Vince was craving for some soup and he found his perfect match!  He ordered the Country Squash soup.  The soup is made up of freshly pureed squash and vegetables for a very country experience.  It is served with garlic French toast topped with bacon bits and melted cheese.  Now isn’t that an eye-candy.  Vince and I loved the texture and the art of which it was presented.  The taste was good as well as it is not too salty or sweet or bland… It was just right.  This is good for sharing too.  One person might have too much of this when he/she eats it alone.


Everything at Steak - Country Squash Soup

Country Squash Soup P95 (USD 2)

Next came the main dish.  It’s actually a set.  You can enjoy one whole meal from P185 – P220.  The steak set includes your choice of steak cut with your preferred flavor, the gravy, rice and a generous amount of side dish (you have a lot to choose from!)  It is very flexible really.  You get to choose which steak part… the way it was prepared (marinade or peppered) the side dish and the gravy!

Vince ordered the Original Marinade Rib Eye steak (medium rare) served with original mushroom gravy with rice and a generous amount of mac n’ cheese siding all for P195 (USD 4).  He has a classic taste to everything and he loves everything simple and basic.  Nothing beats the Classic tastes… this combo is a sure winner especially if your stomach is not so adventurous and it doesn’t want more spice or anything.


Everything at Steak - Original Marinade Rib Eye

Original Marinade Rib Eye with original mushroom gravy with rice and a generous amount of mac n’ cheese siding all for P195 (USD 4)

I love simple and classic taste too, but I ordered a different combo so that we can compare.  I tried the New Orlean Rub Rib Eye (well done) served with Country Style gravy with rice and a generous amount of meatball pasta.  The New Orlean flavor actually gives the steak a more “grilled” and “peppery” taste.  The waitress told me that the best gravy for this is the Country Style gravy.  It was pretty good indeed and it has more spice and more flavor than the Classic mix.

Everything at Steak - New Orlean Rub Rib Eye

New Orlean Rub Rib Eye (well done) served with Country Style gravy with rice and a generous amount of meatball pasta. P195 (USD 4)

Our Bill

So here’s the breakdown for two people.

Steak Meal – Classic      P195

Steak Meal – Country    P195

Moo Fries                     P120

Country Squash Soup   P 95

TOTAL                         P 605

P 300 per person!!! and our stomachs were really really full by then that I had to take out half of my steak and 3/4 of my meatball pasta!  **faints** what a total FOODGASM!!!

The bill does not include service charge so make sure to leave some tip if you’re happy 🙂

Everything at Steak - Meatball Pasta

Meatball Pasta – tastes like mac n’ cheese but with a tasty meatball

Everything at Steak - New Orlean Rub Rib Eye

New Orlean Rub Rib Eye steak (well done)

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Name of venue: Everything at STEAK

Address: 5 P. Guevarra St. (corner V. Cruz ),  San Juan, Philippines (right next to the Petron gas station)

Phone Number: (63 2) 726-2386

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  1. I haven’t been to this place in a long time, and they seem to have raised their prices by quite a bit. But things also appear classier now, so I guess I should check it out.

  2. Uhhh you forgot to say how good the steak was. we tried eating there and mura nga sya for steaks but as for the quality? well sabihan na lang natin na natikman ko yung price na binayad ko. 😛

    have you tried house of wagyu? now that’s steak!

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