Experiencing A Moment of Zen with Neutrogena

Hey guys!  I just came back from a lovely but tiring trip from Hong Kong.  I was looking for foot spas and massage parlors all around Hong Kong but it was so unreasonably expensive (if you compare it here in the Philippines).  I’ve sworn to get myself renewed, relaxed and have my energy restored by going to pamper myself at a spa.

Luckily, I got invited the following day after my flight to a very relaxing retreat  at Nurture Spa in Tagaytay with Neutrogena and its Fine Fairness Ambassadors.   That means I am one too, because I am a believer of beauty inside and out.  Beauty has many definitions, but in my book, it is more than just the physical.  Beauty is also how you glow within yourself and how others get enlightened by you.  True beauty means nurturing your soul, body and mind and enhancing your body’s natural features with products that truly complement and enhance the natural you.  This is the promise of Neutrogena Fine Fairness products that I am yet to try.

I have heard so many good things about Neutrogena Fine Fairness from other beauty bloggers, and I am very excited to try it and tell you more about it.  I am always out in search for my next travels and adventures, that I sometimes forget how to take care of my skin.  I’m facing the fact that I am not as young and carefree as I used to be and I need to take a closer look at my skin as early as now.  My surfing, travels and all the studio lights from my TV show and other photo shoots is making my face grumpy.  I don’t usually get pimples either, but with my hectic schedule, one pops out after another.  (See Hong Kong photos and you’ll find remnants of my horrible acne scars).

This day was a break for me – a moment of Zen.  I slept through the entire trip from Manila to Tagaytay because I only had an hour and a half’s sleep from my Hong Kong flight.  When I opened my eyes, we were already at Nurture Spa.  A breath of cool mountain air welcomed me as I stepped out of the van.  I was glad it was cold – like the weather in Hong Kong.  At this time, my body still hadn’t adjusted to the hot weather in Manila.


We had a quick breakfast of fruits and bread in a very serene setting.  I was very honored and glad to be sitting beside great ladies who have already achieved so much.  I had to catch up with the rest of the girls since I was not present at their first meeting.  They told me everything that I missed, from the food to their awesome experience with the Neutrogena Fine Fairness line that Protects, Shields, Lightens, Renews, Blocks, Calms, Prevents and Restores your skin.

It’s a small world because I found out that one of their speakers was Dr. Jason Penaranda, one of the doctors of Aesthetic Science, a skin clinic I usually visit for my facials and tummy tightening.   I am supposed to take his 2-day detox program (which I really need) but I had to postpone because of my Hong Kong trip.  I will let you know how it is when I finish doing it.

This day, we aimed to restore, renew, and calm ourselves with the help of Neutrogena fine fairness that also protects, shields, blocks harmful UV rays and lightens and our skin bringing a much brighter glow.  We started the day with a photo shoot.  Who can resist a pictorial on such a beautiful place like this?


While waiting for our turns for the shoot, they gave us a room to rest.  I’m room mates with Phoebe and this is our relaxing room.  I slept again Smile with tongue out


After the shoot, we had another healthy meal for lunch.  We got pampered after that by a massage session.  Nurture spa used hot water with Tea tree leaf to clean our feet, grinded corn to exfoliate our feet and hot banana leaves on our back encouraging a healthier circulation of blood.

Neutrogena Ambassadors are Manila’s current beauty icons: Solenn Heusaff, Patty Laurel, Isabel Roces, Georgia Schulze-del Rosario; and Manila’s top beauty bloggers: Hannah Villasis, Phoebe Ann Ramos, Jane Kingsu-Cheng, and Earth Rullan.


And alas, the most awaited session of all – our Yoga class!  I was actually dreading the thought of doing my yoga poses and stretching my body with a camera crew around.  But, the teacher was very good that when we started our Yoga session, I just couldn’t care anymore about the cameras and ignored it.  I haven’t gone to any yoga class for a while, and this session made me realize how badly I need to go to Yoga classes again.  The yoga session helped me lighten up both my muscles and my mind.  Stress was relived from both my mind and my muscles releasing tension.

Yoga Class - Nurture Spa Tagaytay with Neutrogena Fine Fairness


Might I add, we did yoga in a very nice place.  I feel more connected to nature – to the trees, the birds, the ground, the cool wind and the sun.

We think that the sun might harm our skin, but thanks to the SPF 50+ and the PA+++ protection we get from the Fine Fairness UV Brightening Moisture, we can embrace the sun.


The whole trip was definitely something that I need.  For that moment, I think I was in my perfect state of body, mind and soul.  It was a very empowering day indeed and keeping this in mind, with the full protection of Neutrogena Fine Fairness, I believe that I am  ready to greet the new year  with more confidence and promise.  Smile

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  3. i need a quick getaway!!! i’ve been so harassed with work and life in general and i need to escape. this place sure sounds good… i’ve heard of it before. pero it’s not along the main road diba?

  4. you should have a weekend of rest then 🙂 kahit 1 day lang ^_^ and since I slept going to and fro… I didn’t know exactly where the place is but parang hindi nga main road 🙂

  5. My sister just crossed the border of China to have a relaxing foot spa since it is slightly expensive in here in HK.

    PS. I love reading your stories Hannah!

  6. yes, yoga is love… although I am super not flexible, I can feel my muscles stretch and getting toned. Solenn said that it took her a year in Bikram yoga to get flexible 🙂

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