A Darker Shade of Pale

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Is it the camera? Or is it just my skin… Angela, sell your camera already… and buy a new one jkjkjk…

Or better yet sell you LV bag and buy new one 🙂 swt.. we know it’s never gonna happen 🙂

I guess this qualifies as a deviant art 😛 Thanks to Kristel for tweaking this out!

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  1. The guys from ShoutOut only wants the donuts held by Angelaaaa 😀

    If she can give it to them, Angela might just get a new camera as a pressie 😀

  2. Stephen! 😀 yeah I know hahaha if that happens I’ll buy myself a DSLR already!!! 😛

    Lasker, hahaha oh she’d love a new camera! but I think she’d like another bag instead 😀

    a@ron yep it overexposed definitely and that hasn’t happened to my panasonic lumix tz5 yet. that picture was taken by a canon something 😛

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