Fighting Pimples on a Stressful year-end

Being a Certified Public Accountant and working as a Financial Analyst for a multinational Bank could really stress the hell out of me… especially when it’s nearing year-end.  Stress is responsible for many skin problems and it includes acne breakout on our lovely delicate skin.  It could either cause our skin to get dry, flaky and itchy or produce yucky excessive oils…

What happens to my skin when I’m stressed

  1. I have a combination skin – On my T-zone it has the tendency to be really oily and on the other parts of my skin, it could get itchy dry.
  2. Pimples… Pimples… Pimples… yes, they pop usually on my T-zone (disgusting!!!) If only it is legal to go on a “sick leave” caused by pimples…  I remember one time I was supposed to have this date… suddenly this huge mountain of horrible unwanted bump on my face grew!!! I had to postpone the date…
  3. Whiteheads, Blackheads – they are usually smaller and less noticeable than pimples… but say, if you’re a cam-whore like me and you often take pictures of yourself with a High-Definition sharp camera, you’d see it in the pictures (ughhh)
  4. Pores – fortunately my pores are not humongous yet!  but they start appearing on my T-zone area :(  (PANIC!)

Corporate Girls

Many corporate girls can relate to this dilemma I have… especially fellow accountants like me or those that work night shifts or have heavy over time hours.  Financial data is really critical nearing year-end and it is expected that our workload would increase like crazy!

One cure for this facial problem is of course… beauty sleep and rest!

BUT!!! Reality is – I have a job and it is demanded of me to do all those tasks because I am getting paid for it… I have no choice but to comply… but yeah… year-end stress.

The Philippines’ weather

My friend Angela just got back from London and I was so amazed how her skin got so nice there!  She’s also stressed out there but her skin remained nice.  I think it’s also the weather there that made her skin smooth and pimple-free.  She was saying that she did not get to sweat (unappropriately) there.  Here in the Philippines, the air is so humid and the weather is so hot that it may cause our skin to break-out.  All of you will agree (especially girls commuting) that our air is filled with pollution.  Dirty air that causes pimples! yucks!

Manage your skin on a Stressful day

You can however manage your skin still… Make sure to manage your time well… Beauty sleep is important to restore our skin’s health so make sure to do that.  Make sure to also have a routine to take care of your skin.  You know the basic skin care… use a facial soap dedicated only to your skin, apply toner after and use moisturizer.  If your skin has that ugly bump on your face, then you can apply a speed gel acne control treatment.

I am also guilty of not taking care of my skin :(  My often excuse is, – I don’t have time… But I just realized that If I am stressed… and at the end of the day, I also look UGLY… (or feel ugly) … then I’d get more stressed – and DEPRESSED!  I need to practice the virtue of Vanity – that is “not to get lazy when it comes to taking care of my own health and beauty.”

Therefore, I tried this Acne Control Kit by Clean and Clear…  I have tried it for more than a month now and I think the best word to describe this kit is “Prevention.”

Clean and Clear Active Clear Acne Control Kit

With my monthly visitor and month-end stress coming I would have expected to have a serious major acne breakout.  I have been sleeping really late at night (up to 3am in the morning) and usually when I don’t have much sleep, that’s where my pimples go out.

1st Step – The first step to your acne-fighting regime is the powerful yet gentle daily cleanser that works on pores using salicylic acid to fight acne-causing bacteria.  It prevents existing acne from getting worse and also helps prevent future breakouts from occurring.

Must stop Pimples cooling effect

2nd Step – The second step to your acne-fighting regime is the powerful daily toner that reduces excess oil, helping to effectively prevent acne.

(no pictures after this because you might get sick of my face :P)

3rd step – The third step to your acne-fighting regime is the powerful oil-free daily moisturizer.  The formula with active botanicals helps clear and prevent acne whilst hydrating skin . This soothing moisturizer gently nourishes skin. It contains a breakthrough technology proven to dissolve oil fast, so serious acne medication can penetrate deep down to pores.

4th step – The fourth step to your acne-fighting regime is the powerful spot formula that penetrates deep into pores to help visibly reduce acne symptoms fast.  It should show results in as little as 8 hours.  It clears up pimples and prevents new ones from forming.

I must say that the speed gel works well with me…  The evil bacteria had almost successfully created an ugly bump on my face.  Immediately, I tried to put on the speed gel in the morning.  Comes night, it didn’t swell more like I expected it to.  Best thing is that the evil bump did not evolve into a giant white yuckiness. (iiiw)

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