Flair Candy wants to Cosplay!

[ad#ad-1] Before Harry Potter was even conceptualized by JK Rowling, Akazukin Chacha was in my heart! Akazukin Chacha is a sweet gullible girl who goes to a witch school necessary for her magical world! At first, her powers were a total failure but it is her destiny to save the world from the evil one! Anyway, this was my favorite cartoon when I was young! clip2

The bubbly witch!


Not only that, she could be hawt! Watch her as she transforms into a Magical Princess!

Holy Up!


and here’s her transformed figure if she uses her magic wand united with Courage, Love and Hope!


If you want to see her or imagine her as a real human being and not a cartoon, you would want to see this…






















She is sweetness! Now, if ever I want to cosplay (which I think sounds fun), I would want to be akazukin chacha!!! Sponsors sponsors where are you? lol


Picture from CrimsonRain.com.

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  1. waah! fave ko rin Akazukin Chacha! cute cute! miss ko tuloy childhood days haha… pero mas trip ko ung character nung violet ang hair, ung kaagaw nya kay Master Serabi. ^^

  2. naalala ko pa toh nung bata pa ako.. magkakasabay to nung blue blink tapos zenki… every afternoon inaabangan ng mga kalaro ko…^^ hay… sarap maging bata

  3. Si Dorothy?… ah… hindi yong purple hair na “serabi-sama” tawag nya dun… hmmm ok di ako mapakali na nakalimutan ko.. **googles names/list of akazukin chacha characters…**

    Si Yakko!!!

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