Gossip Girl Update Blake Lively in the Nude

What is up with Gossip Girl casts? they’ve been making the headlines.

As you know, Ed Westwick or Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl is here in Manila!!! I actually know where he is now (because I have a reliable radar) but sorry guys, I can’t tell where his whereabouts are 😛 and no– I am not lucky enough to gain an audience with him even for  a minute!!! 🙁 So, I might just stalk him… but that won’t be advisable on my end because his body guards might knock me down and I need my body for Saturday’s Stellar Pole Dance Recital!

Anyway, just today, Perez Hilton just blogged about photos of Blake Lively (Serena Van Der Woodsen) in the nude… Her taking photos of herself naked using her iPhone… I am not posting it here! but she’s got a super bod! and no big deal people, it’s just like one of those uncensored movies where you see everything… Blake Lively might have had some steamy scenes but she hasn’t revealed her upper or lower privates yet… until these photos got leaked.

Leighton Meester also had her private photos leaked… she was also steaming hot there but hey, life goes on… people can make mistakes but life goes on and I still love Gossip Girl series


As reported by Huffington Post, Blake Lively’s racy photos are 100% FAKE – statement said by Blake Lively’s rep.

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